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I live and work in San Francisco, or thereabouts. Occasionally I go other places.

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26th Jan 2006, 17:36   comments (0)

happy new year

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4th Jan 2006, 21:26   comments (0)


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Now my house smells like lillies. Mm.
2nd Dec 2005, 03:03   comments (1)

drunken laughter

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The evening winds down with Trivial Pursuit. Much wine was consumed. I will not justify the presence on the table of whipped cream, with no pie or other dessert to put it on. We're ingrates, I can't deny it.
25th Nov 2005, 23:51   comments (2)

victorious team, and infiltrator!

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Okay, this is not the best photo of me. I have 10 chins, am slouchy, and look criminally insane. However, it really incapsulates the Booze And Pie theme of this Thanksgiving. It also shows my dad wickedly horning in on the Winning Team photo of me and my cousin. So, it stays.
25th Nov 2005, 23:48   comments (2)

my cousins' cousin

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Who is lovely, and brash, and a hell of a lot of fun.
25th Nov 2005, 23:43   comments (0)

my brother is charming, and full of brains

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25th Nov 2005, 23:41   comments (0)

thanksgiving traditions

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25th Nov 2005, 23:38   comments (0)
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