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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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Illusion / Delusion of Control

(viewed 648 times)
Organized my jelly beans by color so I could feel in control of

Thea stole a jelly bean.
28th Mar 2010, 19:43   comments (2)

Returning to the scene...

(viewed 493 times)
That guy on the bench? I married him on the other side of that house a
little while back. Went back to see the daffodils. Sadly only a few of
the 30,000 daffodils planted in the meadow were in bloom.
28th Mar 2010, 02:17   comments (0)

For the record, this sign is at eye level

(viewed 487 times)
23rd Mar 2010, 14:22   comments (0)

Written on the bathroom wall

(viewed 972 times)
Izzy's Coffee in Asheville, NC
19th Mar 2010, 01:53   comments (3)


(viewed 621 times)
Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina
16th Mar 2010, 15:53   comments (2)

Morning homework regimen

(viewed 561 times)
10th Mar 2010, 14:33   comments (1)

A cousin joined me for coffee

(viewed 479 times)
10th Mar 2010, 13:27   comments (1)

One day in the sun...

(viewed 483 times)
And I'm starting to go blonde.
I'm quite curious to see what will happen after a week.
8th Mar 2010, 21:24   comments (2)