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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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Michelle Obama incense?

(viewed 774 times)
1st Nov 2010, 18:24   comments (1)

Morning at Alta

This is a canyon in my hometown. It's no longer home, but I was formed here alongside the aspens.

If you ever go skiing at Alta in Utah, take a deep breath ... That smell in the canyons is the scent of early mornings at grandma's house & late nights filled with teenage angst.

It may not be home anymore, but I always feel at home there.
10th Oct 2010, 18:05   comments (3)

It's been a long day

(viewed 462 times)
23rd Sep 2010, 21:27   comments (1)

Tis the season...

(viewed 455 times)
Now that My Love's birthday has passed, it's officially time to star preparing for Halloween.
21st Sep 2010, 21:04   comments (2)

Rainy day

Wandering around the Great Swamp
12th Sep 2010, 22:02   comments (3)

Traffic Jam

(viewed 419 times)
Watching the medical helicopter land on I-84 West, just west of Hartford.

This guy is in the lane next to me.
4th Sep 2010, 18:42   comments (0)

Striped Lyzard

(viewed 674 times)
30th Aug 2010, 13:56   comments (6)

Dirty Deeds under the flag

(viewed 474 times)
11th Aug 2010, 17:49   comments (2)