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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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I finish my first paper...

(viewed 388 times)
And Thea promptly stands on it. At least her paws aren't muddy.
2nd Oct 2009, 01:51   comments (3)

It was a lazy Saturday morning

(viewed 956 times)
And Craig decided to wear a hairnet so he wouldn't shed all over Anna
& the couch.
28th Sep 2009, 15:38   comments (1)

Peek A Boo

(viewed 475 times)
Yes, all I do is read homework & take pics of my dogs with my iPhone.

This is my life.
24th Sep 2009, 14:40   comments (1)

Study Buddies

(viewed 437 times)
24th Sep 2009, 01:58   comments (2)

Rehab wig

(viewed 1019 times)
19th Sep 2009, 00:00   comments (2)

Thea studies for me

(viewed 458 times)
15th Sep 2009, 19:00   comments (5)

Max the Scaredy Cat, I mean Dog

(viewed 440 times)
15th Sep 2009, 18:24   comments (1)

View of my lap

(viewed 484 times)
10th Sep 2009, 18:20   comments (4)