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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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Dinner with Mom

(viewed 546 times)
Surgery first thing in the morning. I shared all your wishes with her
and she got teary eyed.
26th Feb 2010, 03:23   comments (4)

I eat cancer for breakfast!

(viewed 590 times)
Mom's scan results just came back.

She still has two masses that need to be removed. One on her voicebox
and the other nestled next to her jugular vein. Surgery is scheduled
for Friday, I'll be flying to Utah to be there for her.

This is Mom this past Christmas. Love her.
24th Feb 2010, 01:34   comments (8)

The heart, it hides

(viewed 440 times)
23rd Feb 2010, 15:40   comments (2)

For my Mom...

(viewed 538 times)
My mother was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2002 and told she
had about 6 months left. She underwent extensive surgery and treatment
and astounded all the doctors with her recovery.

She found a lump in her neck this week and the doctor confirmed our
fears. She goes into surgery next week.

This is a picture of my Mom and I on my wedding day.
20th Feb 2010, 00:38   comments (8)

I honked thrice!

(viewed 595 times)
13th Feb 2010, 02:54   comments (5)

Deluxe hot cocoa

(viewed 508 times)
With Peeps!
10th Feb 2010, 23:43   comments (3)

About to drown these guys in hot cocoa

(viewed 538 times)
10th Feb 2010, 22:16   comments (1)

Thea thinks I need a homework break

(viewed 528 times)
31st Jan 2010, 18:16   comments (2)