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Its Spike,

Ive created this blog for little bits and bobs i dont want on my main blog!

which can be found HERE

Enjoy lovely people....and dance!!!

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A bit of colour spices it up

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i may just stick with the white rather than the blue
9th Mar 2007, 16:51   comments (4)


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9th Mar 2007, 16:50   comments (0)

Dustbowl mood

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Both received in the post this morning..
7th Mar 2007, 09:46   comments (3)

Popcorn, hotdogs, laptops

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wednesday night to kinema.. and a lazy saturday at home.. all with laptops
watching spaced
24th Feb 2007, 16:36   comments (1)

Spike, QueenH and Stuarts First Pancake day #2

In our new house... i got choc on my nose... and helen had a fucking Cheese
and chocolate pancake.. nuff said
20th Feb 2007, 20:06   comments (6)

Spike, QueenH and Stuarts first Pancake day #2 our new house
20th Feb 2007, 20:05   comments (6)

Current Reads... Fear, Teacher, Lucifer

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With thanks to Scott for bringing this into the office for me today, im
very supprised ive not read it before.. also currently reading 'teacher
man' by Frank Mcourt and 'I, Lucifer' by Glen Duncan.. both very good
reads, I recommend them!
20th Feb 2007, 09:16   comments (7)

The confused banana

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19th Feb 2007, 12:17   comments (6)