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Its Spike,

Ive created this blog for little bits and bobs i dont want on my main blog!

which can be found HERE

Enjoy lovely people....and dance!!!

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3'rd Installment!

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10th Aug 2007, 10:18   comments (5)

A Hunt For Things (*1 Week) HELP

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One of my workmates at the pub set me a task of collecting 25 things for
her, shes doing some sort of story for a radio show. the things are
quite obscure, if anyone knows where i can get any below or has any
ideas, please advise, especially the last one!

1) Midget Porn
2) 3.5sm dead mouse
3) pound coin 1992
4) Postcard From Japan
5) Toenail of an 18 year old virgin
6) Bottle Of mountain Dew
7) Skin flaked off a tattoo
8) Picture of duncs penis (dont worry about this one)
9) Empty stell box
10) contact for a spice girl
11) Unpublished Novel)
12) Used roof tile
13) Original red nose
14) Contact of a female journalist in a film/documentary
15) Bottle snatched from an underaged drinker
16) Breast milk
17) a gromit (*i dont know what this is, apparantly something to do with
18) Picture of a barman aged 4
19) A fish shaped chip
20) A clown shoe
21) Blue lampshade
22) 60w lightbulb
23) A hair from frank!
24) A picture of a man with 1 ear
25) A correct picture of anxious

the picture has NOTHING to do with the hunt.

any ideas??
31st Jul 2007, 13:27   comments (4)

River Trent, Newark, 14th Jult 2007

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Whilst working in the pub tonight (Castle Barge), I ventured outside to collect glasses, saw some people near and on the bridge that crosses the Trent near the Castle, someone tried, by the looks of it, to do a handstand on the railing, only to fall a rather long distance into the fast flowing and strong under-current trent.
Someone else on the bank went in to try and save the chap,only to come out a few minutes later, it seems the handstanding chap in question, went under and was dragged away.
A few minutes later plenty of fire engines and police cars turned up and started searching, including the helicopter and a boat.
While this was happening, I was trying to calm down the girlfriend of the guy that went in.
she (anna i think) says that he (gareth i think) was trying to do a trick, and they were all rather pissed.

How the Hell do you try to talk and comfort a hysterical drunk girlfriend of someone who's just drowned.
Its not a warm Night at all and the river flowing very fast, as of the time I left (2am - 2 hours after the chap went in) they still had not found him.
The girlfriend was taken home and his friends also, and I had to stay to give information to the Police.
Unfortunatly its looking doubtful he survived.

I have seen people die before, but this time, I felt nothing, is that wrong?

My thoughts are with the people He was with and his family, but this was his own fault, and unfortunatly he paid!

They still have not found the body, I will post when I hear.

[Edited for reasons as not to cause too much offense]

[Edited - The man in question was Marcus Yeomans - 33]
12th Jul 2007, 00:28   comments (0)

New Vinyl: Heartbreaker

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Ive been a fan of ryan adams for a long while, and a big fan of this
album, but CD and Mp3 sometimes just doesn't cut it!
Like ive said many times before, its all about the crackle
7th Jun 2007, 11:44   comments (2)

Less than sunny lunchtime the skate park just behind work
25th May 2007, 08:33   comments (6)

Beggars banquet

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Ive waited some time for this to
21st May 2007, 10:40   comments (2)

FAO Nige: The Cats Twat

(viewed 619 times) speciality cocktail.. tastes like a drunken summer with all the fun
strewn in!
20th May 2007, 12:26   comments (2)

Spike Iron

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14th May 2007, 17:58   comments (5)