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Concept Sketch 12.23.13

(viewed 586 times)
Yup, new a new update on my blog. Your's truely here with some time to kill so I decided to rough out a sketch of another character that I've been working on. This one is called Jag-War. An all out, take no prosoners vigilante. Enjoy.....laterz.
23rd Dec 2013, 15:54   comments (0)

Office Doodle 12.13.13

(viewed 517 times)
Heya everybody, your's truely here. I had a little down time to doodle & practice with some sketches. It's been a long time since I've picked up the pencil & yes, I'm far from being a great artist, I get it, but it's an idea on a piece of paper. I've been toying around with mashing up some of my favorite comic book characters & coming up with something of my own. So here it is. It's still work in progress but as long as I'm having fun with it, then that's all that matters...... Laterz
13th Dec 2013, 20:54   comments (0)

Cigar Stash 12.7.13

(viewed 545 times)
Hey all, your's truely here. Been a while since I've done some blogging but hey, if ya got 'em, smoke 'em! In this case, I picked up my recent stash of cigars for this month. Here is a Quintero, an Alec Bradley & a Nat Sherman stubbie. Not pictured is the CAO MX2. Why isn't it here you may ask? Well, I already smoked it lol! Anyway, time to go get a beer, some whiskey & time to go out & relax a little. Laterz \m/
7th Dec 2013, 22:16   comments (0)

1st day back to the beach 6.1.13

(viewed 681 times)
Hey Everybody, long time since I've updated my blog but I figure I'd stop in & say hi. Anyway, I had some down time to spare & I needed to get away for a while so I decided to take the next train to Atlantic City. It was a great day today & even though the water was too cold to go swimming, it was really nice just laying out in the sun.....and looking at the women sun bathing too =) Have a good one \m/
2nd Jun 2013, 01:34   comments (1)

4.26.13 Office Doodle

(viewed 668 times)
Hey there friends! Me again. I had some time in the office to kick back & relax for a while but here we have my latest office doodle. Maybe another possible tattoo! I have several myself. Anyway, in case you're wondering just what the hell it is, it's the first initial of my first name, K. Welp, that's all for now. Enjoy =)
27th Apr 2013, 00:15   comments (2)

4.24.13 Juice Blog Entry

(viewed 785 times)
Hey Friends! Long time since I've updated my blog & I wanna take a time out from the sketch pad here for a moment. Don't worry, I'm still doodling & I'm not trying t push anything on any of you. Lately, I've changed gears in my life. I turned back to juicing & did more research on some things in which I am clearly focused on repairing, refurbishing & rejuviating myself, my energy & emotions. I realized that I've lived the fast life for way too long & most of all, I also don't want my life to go by within the blink of an eye either. By me doing this, I have also re-invented myself. I have always been in shape physically, however, it was also time shape up internally. So, without further adue, here we have what I call a deep cell cleanser. It can help detox your body & re-energize you! Take 5 oranges, one slice of grape fruit, a small piece of ginger, one lemon & a half a leaf of aloe vera, run it through your juicer, then bang!! A body cleanser made in less than 5 minutes! Ok, 'nuff said. Up to you if ya wanna give it a shot but hey, you don't need me to tell you it works. I'll let you be the judge. Until next time, take care =)
25th Apr 2013, 03:51   comments (2)

New Sketch 2.17.13

(viewed 631 times)
Hey Everybody, me again just doodling. It's 1:51 AM Sunday morning & I'm just sketching out some ideas & another version of my new female character "Stiletto". In this version, she has a cape. I'm not sure if a cape would be the right thing to add to this character but again, I'm just trying to flesh out the character & give her an identity of her own. So her ya go! Enjoy =)
17th Feb 2013, 07:02   comments (0)

New Sketch 2.12.13

(viewed 706 times)
Hey there friends! You're favorite office doodler & fan boy fanatic here. I hope all is good with you today. I had some down time in between some projects in the office & I was able to use the break room for some sanctuary. I was thinking, what is Marvel Comics had a female portraying the role of Gambit? What if she was an escape artist & thief?? I took some of those elements & did a rough sketch of my idea. Meet my new character, "Stiletto". An escape artist & professional thief. She has no super powers but has razor loaded playing cards & a wide assortment of throwing weapons as projectiles. Keep in mind that this is a rough sketch as I'm still going to incorporate things to make her have her own identity. Only time will tell where this will lead me to. Anyway, enjoy =)
12th Feb 2013, 22:19   comments (1)
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