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Stevie! And a few more from How Stean Gorge

This isn't everyone - just the first few cars' arrivals.

Stevie - who's birthday it was, in his birthday glasses. This man had the
biggest pupils anyone had ever seen about 2 hours later. Mmmm shrooms.

Stevie again - sans kaleidoscopic springy birthday glasses.

Zag - my beloved. xXx

Richie - a man with an extraordinary appetite. For everything.

Jo - indeed Richie's better half.

Carl - who would know that within hours he'd be the dog saving hero. Or

Patty - oh Patty, is the punch t h a t good?

Cathy - d'y'know I've just realised I hardly saw you at all Cathy. Was it
lights out after a few truffles?! ;)

Dave - not met him before but this is a poignant shot. Dave was forever
losing his camera - and it didnt survive the night.
1st Jun 2004, 03:55   comments (0)

Annoying dog rescue!

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This collection of blurs catches the v e r y moment Carl grabs hold of Jonty, Chemi's annoying dog. The stupid thing snapped and barked at you all the time, often running backwards in front of you. Of course it h a d to come with us along the side of the very slippery gorge, and yes, of course it fell in. Not far, only maybe 6-10ft into the water below, but it couldn't get out. So Carl reached down and grabbed it while I held onto Carl and readied my phone to shoot the moment.

By the end of the night, I think some people wish we'd said nothing and left Jonty down there. ;) Unfortunately I have no shot of the dog, otherwise you could carry around his picture and thereby avoid him.
1st Jun 2004, 03:18   comments (0)

How Stean Gorge

We went to How Stean Gorge over Saturday night. A camping party for Steve's birthday. A 'camping party'? New one on me.

How Stean IS a gorge, if a very small gorge, in Nidderdale. But at least its relatively exciting that you can walk and scramble along the side of the gorge (VERY slippery) and through a cave. No kidding, even the girls commented the cave is just like a vagina too! I won't embarass myself by going into detailed descriptions why, just imagine a narrowing stone vagina that ends up just big enough that a human being can squeeze into a womb like cave - and you got it.

Easy tiger! ;)
1st Jun 2004, 02:59   comments (1)


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Toffy! God, I've known him for years, 15, 18? We used to get smashed together in college and Pump Rooms days. He wasn't at college, I don't think, he was a busker ... and still is - but he's also a man with a van.

Toffy is a very chill person. He believes a lot in fate and, generally, he has faith in life and people. I could tell a couple of stories ... once his old van bust (he often sleeps in the van and tours around in it), and he had little or no money, so I asked him what on earth he was going to do. He said, don't worry, something'll turn up. I saw him a week later so I enquired. Its alright, he said, a bloke gave me another van a couple of days ago! Gave him one. lol He goes through life a lot like that.

The other story isn't relevant to fate, and he probably doesn't remember this, but we went back to his flat one night, a bit drunk, a bit smashed, we were hungry, he had nothing in to eat. So he gave the dog, Misty, some cheap tinned dogfood ... and then proceeded to finish off the tin! If I recall, I think I went hungry.

26, Toffy. Number 26. I'm still waiting.
29th May 2004, 04:17   comments (7)

Wet poppy

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Poppy. Wet.

These poppies are in the back garden. We have some more in the front. I won't show you those.

The sharp eyed among you should be able to spot Mr. Rock. Asleep. Again.

The camera on the 3650 is pretty poor really, but sometimes it does interesting things with colours.
29th May 2004, 03:49   comments (1)

Shhhhh ... Mr. Rock's chillin'

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Shhhhh ... while Mr. Rock slept at the bottom of our huge 10ft garden, Mr. Slug thought he'd pay a visit. He was just sneeking up when Rock's snoring reminded Mr. Slug he'd left the cat in the oven; she would be purring nicely by now and it was time to turn the heat down.

Don't ask me.
29th May 2004, 03:40   comments (2)

A May drive in Nidderdale

Okay okay, this is probably boring. But its a bit of Nidderdale, North Yorkshire for those who don't know how l u s h the countryside is round here in May.

And why Cut Throat Lane? What happened here? Was it ... m ... m ... murder? I mean, they advertise its a dead end? Unsuitable for more than just motors methinks.

Quite a few farmers were out harvesting the grass - do they 'harvest' grass? Is that 'hay bailing'? Unfortunately the photos don't best show the long, spinach green lines of cut grass, and of course they can't capture that gorgeous moist aroma as it is cut.

There was a little house next to one road. And they had a big rock right in their garden. B I G. As big as the house, no, bigger, and really close. Some people build on wacky sites. Oh, for your interest, the rock is actually on the edge of Brimhan Rocks - a magnificent (although not 'spectacular') area of bizarre rock formations carried down the dale at the edge of ice-age glaciers. A lot of the rocks seem unfeasibly balanced, looking like a small puff would send them crashing down. Of wind. Puff. Not ... oh forget it. I'm
gonna cheat and attach an old black and white of mine to illustrate one of Brimham Rocks, 'The Anvil' (scanned b/w), then you'll see something of what I mean.
28th May 2004, 00:57   comments (0)

The world through Jagermeister

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You see, viewing the world, quite literally, through a bottle of
Jagermeister, turns Carl into a bottle swigging alien; an uncanny mirror of
the Dark syrup's hallucinogenic qualities.

Ok, the bottle was, by then, empty - but its only a metaphor anyway. Innit!?

Oh, by the way, this photo was taken by Zag ... under the influence.
24th May 2004, 01:42   comments (0)