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"... they come in all colours, one size fits all ..."

"... don't be fooled by cheap imitations ..."

"... the large print giveth and the small print taketh away ... ah"


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Toilet - Glastonbury 2004 PtTheEnd

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Absolutely no impact - you can't smell it! This is a lovely clean one. They got 'traditional' enough in time. But for your delight and delectation, I present, a Glastonbury toilet.
30th Jun 2004, 02:02   comments (8)

Mozzer! Oh yeah! - Glastonbury 2004 Pt5

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Let me state, I'm not a fan. Nor was I big into the Smiths really. But feck me! Morrissey was just fantastic. I'm a convert. In the summing up of it all, it will only be the Mozzer set that will remain. Loved it.

(By the way, it wasnt as empty as it looks. I just went behind the sound/lighting desk so I could get a lovely big picture of Mozzer. And those two girls infront of him ...)
30th Jun 2004, 01:55   comments (3)

Rain + Farmland + 120,000 people = Mud ... Glastonbury 2004 Pt4

Mud - not as bad as some years; it doesn't kill the Glastonbury spirit but it does seem to make people a l i t t l e less uninhibited.

PLUS! ... shots of the pyramid stage (Supergrass - waiting for Mozzer really - should've been the Libertines - stupid barsteward Pete) through the eye-windows of 'Pacman' brolly - also note a frickin huowwwwge cloudburst entering stage right.
30th Jun 2004, 01:42   comments (1)

Rollup interruptus - Glastonbury 2004 Pt3

Carl offers his rollie (rolly?) to the bronzed sieve-eyed stilty insect people. Of course they didnt know what to do with it ...
30th Jun 2004, 01:25   comments (2)

Festy faery! - Glastonbury 2004 Pt2

PLUS! ... Festival faery smurf head shock revelation!

30th Jun 2004, 01:16   comments (2)

Sun! - Glastonbury 2004 Pt1

It all started so well, with hot h o t sun!
30th Jun 2004, 01:12   comments (0)

Five gems

....... I won't give names!

The first gem is a light fitting from a house we stayed in over the weekend.
It appealed.

The second gem is a guitar offered "somewhere behind the bar". That's dust on the case, 10 or 20 years worth - but I took it out and manged to repair the one broken string and passably tune it ... to the out of tune piano ...

The rest are of our friend's sister's bedroom. Aaaaah, look at all that "horsies" stuff on the door.

And aaaah, the horsies wallpaper ...

... and aaaaaargh! All those horsies!! She's 30-odd years old man!

... bless her!
21st Jun 2004, 01:21   comments (0)

Dudes, nice stash!

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Alright, the shades weren't part of the stash! I found em in the kitchen at J+R's. Love em. (Left em there, mind.) Zag and Jo are sorting thru our tombola plunder; bottles of wine, Baileys, shit "Scotchmac" (blended british wine and dregs of the barrel whisky - yum), candles, blah blah blah

Thanks J+R for another weirdy night, almost existential, :) nearly comparable to the legendary Scarboro holiday camp night (oh how I wish I'd been moblogging then lol!) The Scotton Feast Village Hall Disco was ... ... ace! less 'disco', more 'pumpin hard-house rave' - surreal! ;) ... glad we only stayed an hour tho, you can have too much of a good thing. And ransacking the tombola was a laff too! Oh and rigging it, naughty little boy ;)
21st Jun 2004, 00:47   comments (0)