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"... they come in all colours, one size fits all ..."

"... don't be fooled by cheap imitations ..."

"... the large print giveth and the small print taketh away ... ah"


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(January) Zag tries her hand at bass ... the classical guitar training came in to its own eh girl? ;)
14th May 2005, 02:10   comments (0)

New Year's Wales Pt1

Spent post-Christmas and New Year based at a bunk barn in Rhyader, Wales! Part 1

1) Good job this shop's shut. The punters would be beating down the door to get their hands on that lovely pig and duck set; and the dog eared teddy?

2) Good job this shop's shut too, its about to fall down! But I still want it - and to lovingly restore it.

3) 4) A walk

5) Interrupted by a nice sit down ... (Yes, its a big chair)

6) ... and Carl, overtaken by the spirit of his new sheepskin hat-thing,
metamorphosed into the (exceedingly common) local Red Kite ...

7) and at the end of the walk a majestic dam wall suddenly and spectacularly rises from the valley floor.
14th May 2005, 02:02   comments (0)

New Year's Wales Pt 2!

Might have partied a bit, what of it? ... this time Carl was overtaken by the Karen O spirit beholden in the sexy red wig. It affected quite a few people ... ahem, Helen? But then that could just have been Wales itself.

Mind you, there's no excuse for Paul's dancing.
14th May 2005, 01:44   comments (0)

Un-natural distortion

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(Mid November) Driving to Doncaster, down the A1 every day, I always sped past Ferrybridge power station impressed by the huge clouds of steam, and other unidentified particulates, vomiting forth into the morning skies ...
14th May 2005, 01:00   comments (1)

Halloween fortunes

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Its Halloween (this is a retrospective post of course) and Zag scares the kids telling fortunes in her 'hovel' (aka shed with spooky lighting)

"well my dear ... you will have 15 children ... oh yes! the spirits never lie! ... 15 children, and you will be a famous ballet dancer young man ...
and an architect ... oh yes, my dear! the spirits NEVER lie!"

Scared the living cr*p out of me, never mind the kids.


The Invisible Man (never saw his face, coulda been anyone ;), Zagalina Petulengro the Fortune Telling Witch, Rachael the ... errrm ... and a disturbing stalking traffic cone, followed us home, persistently flashing us.
14th May 2005, 00:49   comments (0)

Mind the ducks! Hi, I'm back! ;)

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OKAY, okay, it's been aaaaaages, ... soz. ;)

Been having too much fun this Summer, honest.

Got a new Nokia6600, camera's just as rubbish, in fact identical, to the 3650's. In another fact, its frickin WORSE. No short focus, disappointing.

Here's a few from up near Ingleborough, where we went for Carl's birthday bash - which he followed the morning after with a quick trip through the caves - valiant!

Errm ... am I the only person who thinks that 3rd photo looks like a c... ... ?

Hi again all u luvverly moblog people, luvvin your work ;)
3rd Nov 2004, 02:15   comments (0)


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First image I\\'ve posted in a while; this one\\'s for Rich ;)

Been working with a new company for a couple of months now and they're doing a new set of football DVD products. Drafted in to help with getting into some of the Northern clubs? Ian Snodin! Snods! Heh, remember remember. This picture is of his name on the check-in/out board - and there I am, just underneath, ... oooh .... I can smell the infamy.
16th Aug 2004, 14:35   comments (0)

Mouse rescue!

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Trouble with cats ... they bring you presents. Already saved a bat and a frog this year - the birds don't fair so well :( - but saved this little fella/lass when I noticed suspicious co-ordinated feline behaviour at the foot of our stairs; locked em out, pulled back the carpet and caught myself a Field Mouse! Gave him/her a lovely temporary box home, then a nice little drive into the country ... and ... freedom - YIPPEEE!!

PLUS! ... a thunderstorm passes overhead, buckets of rain, and stinging hail ... and I could have been in Pamplona celebrating the start of San Fermin today ... :( ... I'm an idiot.
6th Jul 2004, 02:27   comments (0)