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"... they come in all colours, one size fits all ..."

"... don't be fooled by cheap imitations ..."

"... the large print giveth and the small print taketh away ... ah"


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The White Bear in Masham

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This fella guards the main bar at The White Bear, he's actually quite scary ... and yes I disapprove of 'trophy hunting' but this was done in other times, can't do owt about it now. (June 2005)
5th Feb 2006, 01:33   comments (0)

La Rosa - a special place

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La Rosa 'camp site', check it out PLEEEEASE! its a kitsch dream /
nightmare! :) ... oh, and we're off badger watching in the bottom picture,
in case u wondered ;) (June 2005)
5th Feb 2006, 01:22   comments (0)

More Mighty Boosh

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Live in York ... Nabu grows unfeasibly tall upon his resurrection ... Rudy
dispenses tests ... Howard slips into a jazz trance
2nd Feb 2006, 01:15   comments (1)

The Mighty Boosh - Live in York!

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Hehe ... I'M BACK! ... and with some Boosh! Splendidly funny show, get yerself some Boosh in ya, you know it makes sense ;)

" ... Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me? ..."
2nd Feb 2006, 00:49   comments (7)

Rosedale hideaway

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Bang up to date now! Whew, a marathon posting session. And to finish, two photos I hadn't intended to form a panorama but which pretty much do.

Another beautiful walk in Rosedale, just across Goathland. Found this superb little set of derelict cottage style farm out-buildings, residential sheep only. Lucky baa-ers. Hmmm ... renovation project?
14th May 2005, 04:28   comments (3)

Robin Hood's Bay

(April) After we left Ravenscar, we're back at Robin Hood's Bay. More beach combing - but by this time the cold wind had died down and it was gorgeous.
14th May 2005, 04:05   comments (0)


(April) Another birthday treat for me (yes, an extended extensive birthday for me this year - I'm hoping there's still at least one more party to come), a looxury weekend at the Ravenscar hotel.
Tret like royalty I were.
1) Room with a view
2) The inevitable walk in an ear-crisping gale.
3) A nook in the fantastic castellated grounds. Or is it a cranny?
4) Revellers en route to a medieval banquet.
5) Does my flowery shirt clash with the table cloths?
6) Ladies of leisure.
7) Table-top detritus.
14th May 2005, 03:58   comments (1)

Birthday treats

(March) Bubbly and fish and chips looking over Robin Hoods Bay, then a meander along the beach for ammonites. Back to ours ... party! Too busy partying to take photos ... just a few at the end of the night ... erm, morning ... well, nearer lunchtime I think ...
14th May 2005, 03:40   comments (0)