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Cat & Fiddle road @ 4x speed

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I'm going to build up a collection of these.

Snake pass
Woodhead pass

10th Nov 2009, 20:38   comments (7)

Crossing the Channel

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The other day on Dunkirk - Dover.
3rd Nov 2009, 21:57   comments (8)

Spandau Ballet, Amsterdam

Now I'm not a big fan.
But they were great.

Bought two tickets for Anja's birthday (July) coz she was a big fan in the 80's.

They really put on a top show.
Tony Hadley can sing man!
Never a note out of place, leaping around the place like a bunch of teenagers, without ever getting puffed.

The power that blew out of that stage! At one point a big bass note actually knocked the air out of your chest!
They're a lot more "Rocky" than you'd expect, Tony Hadley´s voice has got much more powerful over the years.

Gary Kemp (the third brother, Ross, couldn´t be there for some reason) was XL-ent on guitar, that typical Spandau twang.

The feller on the Sax was awesome too, multi-musical-talented bastard; percussion, guitar, keyboards and three kinds of sax.

Drummer was flinging himself all over the shop, more skins to whack at than a public schoolmaster after a particularly unruly weekend.

Great light show, sound in there is superb too, at least where we were sitting, just behind and above the mixing desk (always a good bet).

But the bassist! Martin "my man from Albert square" Kemp.
What can I say?
It was so strange seeing "that bloke off Eastenders" on a big stage like that playing great bass guitar! Like I said, I was never a big fan of Spandau but I know the Kempster from the Queen Vic and had to smile when I saw him up there doing his thing.

Talking of big smiles, they all looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially Martin K who was grinning from ear to ear all the way through.

Well done guys, top job.
2nd Nov 2009, 00:26   comments (3)

Waiting for Tony

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Annie & I are sat in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam with half an hour to go till curtain-up and Spandau Ballet wheel their Zimmer Frames on stage.
I only know Martin Kemp from the line-up, there with his brother apparently but he looks nothing like Ross Kemp, I think they've got that wrong.
I know my Eastenders.
1st Nov 2009, 18:40   comments (6)

Mc Fun

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I'd buy this Apple Mac laptop just for the daft image distortion program.
(and the 8 hour battery-life they're promissing)
1st Nov 2009, 18:30   comments (3)

We have ourselves a Studio!

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Open for BizNiz!
31st Oct 2009, 18:39   comments (19)

Got me a hat!

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Bring on the cold!
28th Oct 2009, 21:00   comments (22)

Studio-JXL, the story so far

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Got it just about finished yesterday and this morning.
Just the white vinyl flooring to stick all up that "infinity" wall and 2/3 of the floor but the rest is as good as done.
Anja's going to give the radiator another coat this week.
Hopefully we can finish it all off next weekend and start taking pictures!
25th Oct 2009, 13:39   comments (8)