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Happy Holidays!

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Anja & Marty wish you all the very best of the season and a fantabulous new year!
Be safe, be happy, be lucky.
26th Dec 2009, 08:15   comments (10)

Light @ the end of the tunnel (at last)

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This has recently come to my attention and I've just finished translating the Dutch text (once you've read it you'll realise why it's given me such a headache).
Dhamaka would normally edit this for me, polish it up, before I'd get it out there but I felt it needed publishing now and she's in Iceland (the country, not the store) at the moment.
So, it seems we've an end-date. Finally the Dutch "system" has seen sense and agreed to put an end to this whole sorry story.
How many heads will roll?
I fear not a single one.
How many people involved in this madness are still enjoying their freedom, their well-paid jobs, their fat pensions?
Plenty, I'm sure.

Public Prosecutor's Office in the final round

No further speculation, just the truth

On the 9th of Dec. at a meeting in the Courts of Justice in Arnhem came the long expected reversal of Lucia's prosecution. The expectation is that on 17 March 2010 the case will be wound up. Lucia will be cleared of all murders and other incidents.

Public Prosecutor
Public Prosecution Service Solicitor-General Rijkers presented a summary of the conclusions which the Public Prosecution Service derives from the various research reports. He concluded that on the basis of the dossier and previously presented research results the outcome of the lawsuit is obvious, and that the case can now be concluded with a brief substantive handling.
The Solicitor-General indicates further that “the accused had always continued to plead her innocence to the serious accusations made against her. The duration of the revision of this case has also not been as a consequence of the attitude of the accused. She is entitled therefore to a speedy further handling of her case. The same applies moreover to all others directly concerned, in particularly the surviving dependants of the deceased patients.

From research by Meulenbelt, Aderjan and Tytgat it is clear that Amber's death was not from digoxine poisoning but of exhaustion and the consequences of a serious and complicated condition. According to Meulenbelt the death of Ahmad was caused by the quantity of sedative medication in combination with his serious medical condition. The poisoning by means of chloralhydrate was possibly caused by giving 1 extra dose of chloralhydrate, which fell within the treatment regime, or by a combination with chloorhexidine which was also prescribed.

Patient Achraf's apnoea could be consistent with his medical condition and breathing problems were also recorded during previous admissions to hospital, according to professor Meulenbelt. Achraf had been admitted for social reasons, because his mother was seriously concerned. There were however actual medical reasons for keeping the child under observation.

The court has presented the question to the Dutch association for pathology and the Dutch association for pediatry whether they would subscribe to the definition for “murder” or “incident” which was used in the court of The Hague.

Starting point thereby has always been:

sudden and unexpected death or life-threatening incident

medically unexplainable

presence of the accused

No reply from the association for paediatrics has been forthcoming. The pathologists pointed to the importance of autopsy, because then a better - though certainly not in all cases - indication can be given for clinical events. It would appear that in approximately 20 - 30% of all cases clinical diagnoses are required to be adjusted.

The Public Prosecution Service then stated that in most cases “an important instrument for determining a cause of death - for understandable reasons - was not employed”.

It failed thereby to note that in Lucia's case in the two situations wherein, even though autopsy has taken place and in spite of clear indications from autopsy results of death by natural causes, the Public Prosecution Service nevertheless remained fixed to a murder scenario.

Both a hospital doctor and an expert witness even made the vile suggestion that Lucia had selected her victims because she would know that - Islamic - parents would prohibit autopsy. The children were nevertheless later exhumed and toxicologically examined.

Pleading the case
Stijn Franken emphasised once more in his evidence that a great wrong has been done to Lucia. It wasn't Lucia who was responsible for prescribing large amounts of medication it was the doctors. Amber's condition was worse than was indicated by the doctors who had been treating her. The monitor print-out showed clearly that breathing had stopped before blood circulation. Contrary to that which had been claimed…

Franken believes that Lucia's medical condition demands a rapid conclusion to the case. Nothing, it seems, remains standing in the way of that. A longer lasting trial would economically burden the state unnecessarily.

Lucia is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, but the continuing uncertainty persists. Her prison sentence was terrible. But it is even more terrible that her trust in people has decreased. If you can, without cause, from one day to the other, be suspected by everyone of serial murders of children, the elderly, of witchcraft, of arson etc. If family members, friends, colleagues, Uncle Tom Cobbley & all suddenly believe that you have done something so terrible, something you personally consider yourself never ever to be capable of, that you can't even imagine, that is something very difficult to comprehend.

Lucia has paralysis to her right arm. That is permanent, and annoying, cumbersome and painful. It is also terrible that at present she lives beneath the poverty line. Due to her unique legal status she does not qualify for benefits of any kind. Something must be done about that situation as soon as possible too.

Today has shown where Public Prosecution Service stands. The finding of truth and not speculation. For this reason no more attention is paid to a rumour that yet another diary quote has been uncovered. Truth is: there were no murders. Truth is moreover that the diaries have all been submitted & examined. Also the Public Prosecution Service is aware that diaries can give speculation a clear reign.

In Lucia's case the facts have now been put straight. The speculation, the (miss)representation is however stubborn and requires a change in attitudes and behaviour.

Public Prosecution Service seems now to be giving the right example. I can only hope that all those who have prosecuted Lucia follow them in thought & deed.

Metta de Noo

(provisional) translation by Marty Hirst
16th Dec 2009, 14:31   comments (8)

JokerXL Productions @ the Christmas market, Duiven

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We're here, all set up, freezin' our bits off, promoting JokerXL Productions and selling little baskets of (British) goodies.
Sat between a bratwurst stand and the mulled-wine tent.
Which is nice.
13th Dec 2009, 10:23   comments (8)

Up into the clouds!

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Woodhead Pass
M'chester - Sheffield
11th Dec 2009, 12:35   comments (5)

Still a third-world country . . .

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. . . . just pretending it's entered the technological age but failing miserably to convince.

This is the M50 Dublin, at a complete standstill (as has been the norm ever since it's been in existance) because a man and his donkey have broken down five miles up ahead.

Can (and does) happen anywhere, you might say, M25 London isn't exactly a driver's dream, nor say the A2 out of Amsterdam. Difference is, when something breaks down there they CLEAR IT OUT OF THE WAY.

(not the biggest fan of Ireland any more, not since "you know what" happened last year)
10th Dec 2009, 18:46   comments (6)

We has baked cookies!

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No way they're gonna last till Xmas, a week maybe, tops.
6th Dec 2009, 14:58   comments (10)


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So, I'm parked overnight in this anonymous layby, near the "rectum-of England' (that'd be Grimsby, if you weren't sure) and there's a road-crew just gone by and "coned" me in.
(last time I spent the night in this part of the country "they" (the night-crims) cut a six-foot slice out of my trailer)
So, when the alarm goes off (at 5am) I'll be the one dragging "truck-prints" over their newly-laid-and-still-smokin' tarmac then.

(watch for me in the Grimsby Evening Gazette, I'll be the one in handcuffs)
26th Nov 2009, 23:11   comments (8)

Chasing Seagulls

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The pro's of autumn light levels and slow shutter speeds.
Tracking these guys as they swoop over a Dutch canal.
13th Nov 2009, 11:38   comments (13)