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Who knew??

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Holland (the Netherlands) is really, really little!
The furthest you could go is Telford to Newcastle!
17 million people stuffed in there somewhere! and still room for Storks, Beavers, Wild Boar and Opel Kadetts!
22nd Jan 2011, 22:57   comments (4)


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Moblog just became usable again!
Fantastic speed, just like the real thing!
Well done Mat, & thanks.
22nd Jan 2011, 13:21   comments (8)

Space, the final front-ear.

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I came across this YouTube video of spray-can art on a space-theme and thought; I reckon that's do-able, without all the sticky fingers and covering all the furniture in graffiti stains.
25th Sep 2010, 20:52   comments (1)

Weekend Cook

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This is a link to my Weekend Cook Blog.
22nd Sep 2010, 09:49   comments (6)

Backstreet Busker in Rome

(viewed 1744 times)
(I gave him a couple of Euros)
15th Sep 2010, 16:08   comments (6)

No change here then?

(viewed 958 times)
14th Sep 2010, 13:08   comments (9)

International Mobloger's-Meet!

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The Sprocket-Meister, Dhamaka, Cola & the Joker get together in a little hotel/restaurant in the middle of absolutely nowhere in Umbria, Italy.
Pure chance, you've got to grab it when it cycles past.
13th Sep 2010, 16:15   comments (13)

Mission Accomplished!

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Today Lucia de Berk was officially acquitted in the court at Arnhem, NL.
News Site
We are all very very pleased that it's all over for her now, for Lucia, her daughter and now her very new granddaughter (congratz again Izzadora) and hope she can now start the rest of her life with that massive weight lifted from her shoulders.

Cheers Lucia, it's been an interesting few years, to say the least.

We will however not be stilled! A few of us have started a foundation, The Bureau Of Lost Causes
Which aims to highlight . . . oh just go see, it's all on the front page.
14th Apr 2010, 17:14   comments (16)