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don't fence me in

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9th Jun 2008, 13:37   comments (2)

Happy birthday Mike!

Mike (son #2) is 14 today.
Happy Birthday buddy!

He was doing some great drawings of dragons yesterday, we scanned them into the computer and had a little play.
9th Jun 2008, 07:11   comments (8)

Geodyne's mushroom & two-cheese Rissotto

I was thinking about this all week, Geodyne has a "food-blog" and it's full
of gorgeous things. Geo's a veggie, so am I but only every other Sunday afternoon,
when I have to think up something for son #1, who's gone all veggie on us
these past six months.

I'll tell you what, this was absolutely lovely!

You'll need;
400gr risotto-rice,
some chopped toms,
a bottle (yes a whole bottle) of white wine (we didn't have any, only red,
so I used a bottle of champagne left over from new-year's eve, as you do)
half a liter of strong stock, throw 2 cubes in there, the wine dilutes it.
I used two kinds of mushrooms, really daft ones from the delli, never seen
anything like them before.
Grated Parmagano cheese and good ole' Gorgonzola.
Chopped onions, mixed with chopped spring onions, a bit of green in there.

Fry up the onions with a bit of crushed garlic in olive oil & butter for ten
minutes. 'till they're browned off (well, you would be, wouldn't you?), then
add the rice. Keep frying and stirring 'till the rice absorbs some of the
oil and becomes translucent.

Add the strong stock and keep it on the move while the rice soaks up the

Add the wine/champagne gradually as the rice-onion mixture thickens.

Chuck in the chopped toms and bring back to the boil. Keep stirring!!

As the mix thickens (Geo calls it "Porridge-like", good description) add the
mushrooms, towards the end of cooking, they don't need much more than just
heating up.
Add more liquid as necessary throughout the process and for Gawd's sake keep

The smells, the colour, the textures; enough to make you "go veggie".

Right at the end add in the cheeses, the big lump of gorgonzola having being
cut into smaller blocks.

Serve into hot dishes and sprinkle with grated Parmagano, freshly ground
white pepper, drizzle with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar (Quite important
to the end taste, the blend of flavours, the contrasts)

400gr is a lot of rice to do in one go, use a big pan, and if you've got
teenage boys like I have, there'll be very little left for tomorrow.

Thanks for the inspiration Geodyne, it was absolutely Y.U.M.

"Eet smakelijk"

8th Jun 2008, 20:56   comments (5)


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Mike (Son #2) is 14 years Young tomorrow!
I'll be heading to England, he'll be in Germany on a school trip.
He got his new "proper bike" last week, this was just something to give us
all a laugh.
I tried it myself of course, dead easy, he should manage it in no time.
Pfffff, pass me the first-aid kit, I'm bleeding all over the carpet here!
8th Jun 2008, 19:34   comments (3)

More signage

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What's that bit about "standing still" all about?
Is that so Gnasher can get a better purchase on your tackle?
7th Jun 2008, 07:56   comments (4)

A bit too much information there

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6th Jun 2008, 13:12   comments (14)

Made it

Long ole' day since I left Bracknell at six fifteen this morning. Back in Rotterdam now, boat leaves for Felixstowe at midnight.
I'm allowed to do 15hrs total in 24, or in other words a minimum of 9hrs rest in a day.
Like I say, long old day.
4th Jun 2008, 23:17   comments (6)

Folkestone's white horse

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As seen from the rail-head at the channel tunnel.
I seem to remember there was some controversy about this a couple of years ago when it was first proposed, something about it disturbing the local fauna.
I couldn't imagine why then, still can't now.
Does anyone know?
4th Jun 2008, 13:51   comments (6)