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Fleisch Salat

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My Mum's a big fan of German "fleischsalat", from our many years spent living in Germany.
When they Lived near Portsmouth I would bring a couple of packs over with me.
They all live in Australia now and you can't bring anything like that into the country.
We'll be going "down under" in three weeks time. I've just tried making Fleisch Salat myself here and it turned out great, really authentic taste.
So I'll be able to make her some when we get there now!
15th Jun 2008, 09:46   comments (3)

Seven years, and very chuffed indeed

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Out to dinner in the "Minnarij"
10th of June is our "anniversary"
The first time we went out to dinner together.
I wasn't one for jumping in there.
We met about four months earlier, in a very noisy pub.
Inviting her out to dinner was a way to hold a normal conversation.
The "ring" picture is just her way of hinting.
At what, is still a riddle to me.
14th Jun 2008, 20:38   comments (17)

You whaaaat??

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"Are you watching Victor Hugo, Claude Monet, Napoleon Bonaparte . . . . your boys took a hell-of-a-beating!"

There are fireworks going off outside!
13th Jun 2008, 21:51   comments (4)

What a beaut!

Remember the "City Clickers" competition from end of last year?

I was one of the ten winners of the jolly nice LG-Viewty phones that were on

I'd almost forgotten about the promise of a "Grand prize winner".

(Dhamaka didn't, she kept pestering them about it, tnx D)

I received an Email a couple of weeks back from Lauren in London
congratulating me on winning this Uber-fabuloso LG-Scarlet tv!

I was gobsmacked!

It arrived this week and I set it up as soon as I got home this afternoon. I
say "set it up", basically I plugged it in, told it that it was in Holland
and it set its self up. Lauren had even included a UK-Eu plug adapter (tnx

Compared to the old CRT job (good tv, 7 years of watching pleasure had with
it) it's massive! But actually only takes up half the space.

The sound is superb, it looks just great, menu settings are child's play,
I'm well impressed.

For the geeks:

4x HDMI inputs

2x SCART sockets

USB input

PCMCIA card slot

It's 14.4kg's (with stand) 23kg's including Owner's manual.
13th Jun 2008, 20:48   comments (12)

load shifted

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If I never have to see another bottle of salad dressing it'll be too soon.
252 (yes, that number again) packs of six. I had to re-stack them.
I wasn't present when this was loaded, they left a big gap between the two pallets which was basically an invitation for it to go and lean over.
12th Jun 2008, 23:06   comments (19)

New Forest pony(s)

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There were more, in the distance, but I didn't go after them.
That's me parked up for the night. Job in Poole to do in the morning.
11th Jun 2008, 17:31   comments (2)

An attempt to make Felixstowe look pretty

(viewed 1090 times)
In the early morning light.

(you'd have to get up pretty flippin early to catch an actual sunrise this time of year)
10th Jun 2008, 20:34   comments (4)

Well well well

(viewed 1100 times)
Who'd 'av Adam & Eve'd it?
I predicted a one-nil win for Italy (shows how much I know)
Good start chaps, more of the same please.
9th Jun 2008, 21:59   comments (5)