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The Wedding Photos

Erik & Linda kindly gave me permission to post some of the wedding pictures I took a few weeks back.
I burned a disc for them (two, actually, there were 8GB of files).
I think they were quite pleased with the results, I've done some manipulation here and there but the originals were included on the disc as well as a complete set with just the basic adjustments and corrections.
Up to them now what they do with them, print out their favorites, mount them in an album, print a digital album, whatever.
My work here is done (thank goodness) it was a lot of hard work, stress, angst, but above all great fun!
28th Jun 2008, 15:09   comments (15)

0 km/h

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Not good, on a Friday afternoon.
Don't all these people know who I am?
27th Jun 2008, 20:10   comments (8)

Moblog meet, group photo

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From left to right:
Cola, Mrs.Boet, Em, Mick, Boet, JokerXL, FilbertFox, BaggieBoy
23rd Jun 2008, 06:48   comments (10)

For Dhamaka

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Freshly baked Poffertjes!
The smell!
23rd Jun 2008, 06:41   comments (0)

A day out with good people

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FilbertFox & BaggieBoy are over here in Holland for a week's holiday and, of course, we hooked-up.
They came over for breakfast this morning with Boet & mrs.Boet and that was fun.
Boet had to go do other stuff so the four of us, plus my son Mike, headed up to the "Open air museum" just outside Arnhem.
It's a great place, all kinds of buildings and antique stuff transplanted from all over Holland and built back up again, stone by stone.
Fantastic weather, then the huge hail storm, then fantastic weather again.
Pancakes together on the way home, perfect!
Great seeing you guys again tnx for a lovely day out, enjoy the rest of your stay here.
And yes, a moblog meet is never complete without some of those fingerlickin' good Jaffa cakes!

22nd Jun 2008, 20:20   comments (17)

Heaviest Hailstorm I ever saw!

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Up in the "Openluchtmuseum" in Arnhem, sunny, warm, lovely day, then the dark clouds rolled in and down came this hailstorm! The car's all covered in little dents.

I filmed it but the movie file's too large to post here, it's on You-Tube HERE
22nd Jun 2008, 19:42   comments (18)

Awwww, Buggah!!

Well, that put an end to that little fantasy.
Holland - Germany in the final would have been quite tasty.
As it is NL lost their MoJo tonight, the "clockwork Orange" just didn't get wound up enough.
(Or Guus Hiddink just knew too much)
He's already being called Holland's biggest traitor (which I thought was a bit harsh)

Normal service was/is resumed then, don't give a flying monkey's how it goes now.



21st Jun 2008, 22:45   comments (2)


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Bloody hard work, this game!

But such a larf!
21st Jun 2008, 20:38   comments (1)