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The Valley of the Giants

Down in the South Western corner of WA is a region where massive Red Tingle trees grow to huge heights.
There is a series of high-level gantries there forming a tree-top walk, but it was closed due to storm damage a few days before.
Amazing place from ground level though too.
20th Jul 2008, 02:31   comments (6)

Other stuff on the Whale trip

When there are no whales off the starboard-bow there's still plenty to do and see on the trip.
There were only about ten or fifteen of us on board, the weather was atrocious, I got soaked to the skin but it was just fantastic to have been there.
19th Jul 2008, 01:22   comments (5)

Whale watching, King George's sound, Albany

You can't go to the south western corner of Australia without going out on a boat and mixing with the Humpbacks.
They are on their way up from Antarctic waters to the warmer waters of the north western coast of WA where they will give birth and travel back down again for the summer feeding-grounds in Antarctica.
Quite a journey.
These two were quite oblivious to us bobbing about next to them.
A privilege to be there.
19th Jul 2008, 01:12   comments (4)

Albany Sunrise

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We took a week's trip out, travelling south to Albany in a borrowed Ute, about a 450km drive.
When you look out over the Southern Ocean there the next stop is Antarctica!
It's a wild place, the storms that sweep in unchecked over that vast expanse of water can be quite frightening, and extremely beautiful.
People said we were crazy to be "heading south" in the middle of winter. I know different.
19th Jul 2008, 00:52   comments (6)

West Coast Eagles Vs Richmond Tigers

No idea what happened, but the Eagles lost by lots to not very much.
A load of guys, all dressed almost the same, running around a huge pitch for two hours bashing into each other after a red ball.
Interesting. But a fun afternoon in the sun.

We have six tickets to Australia vs South Africa next Saturday, now there's a proper game of footy!
(Erik, Boet, Propje, now don't get too jealous now.)
14th Jul 2008, 02:13   comments (2)

Bassendean Bowls, Curry Night

I'd made a piece of "Artwork" to try and bring a little culture into the lives of these heathens.
Duly presented to the club president on club curry-night.
I think he said "G'donya mate" (or something like that, hard to tell).
14th Jul 2008, 02:01   comments (4)

Fremantle Gaol

Built in the 1850's by convict labour.
Only ceased to be a functioning prison in 1991(!)
It's the second time we've visited this place, fascinating guided tours, it's an incredible place.
14th Jul 2008, 00:30   comments (2)

Happy Birthday Annie!

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't was Anja's birthday, she often has her birthday out in "exotic" places, we always seem to be on holiday.
Big, fat cream cake.
Dinner at the Rose and Crown.
Lamb Shanks for me and "Dam & paddock" (surf'n'turf)for the birthday girl, with a nice bottle of Pino Noir.
Happy Birthday babes!
13th Jul 2008, 14:59   comments (9)