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"Spiegel tent"

Something I've not come across in all my years in Holland.
A throwback to the late 1800's.
A "spiegel tent" (mirror-tent) is a place where people came to dance. It's a kind of travelling entertainment venue, part circus, part pub, part dance-hall.
A wooden, circular dance floor surrounded by mirror and coloured glass walls and all little booths to sit in and watch the fun from.
In the days when it would have been frowned upon to have a permanent pub or a bar in those Dutch-reformed villages, the arrival of this thing would have been quite a spectacle.
This one is in original condition and travells around Europe putting on shows, dances and still providing a spectacle here in the middle of our town square.
17th Aug 2008, 14:29   | tags:,comments (6)

A lorra, lorra water out there

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Still an hour out of Hoek van Holland, watching the "Limpix" on tv.
Phelps would swim that in a world record time, I bet.
16th Aug 2008, 07:48   comments (1)

Top facilities!

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I was at a place on Thursday where there was a very unambiguous notice on the wall: "ALL drivers are STRICTLY forbidden to locate themselves in ANY other areas than the driver's waiting room, any infringements will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from site"
I went and sat in my cab, read a book.
And they wonder why it's difficult to recruit new people into this line of work these days.
16th Aug 2008, 07:38   comments (5)

Popcorn, the most valuable substance on earth!

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Did you know, there's a mark-up of up to 10,000 percent on a 4 quid tub of popcorn?
The packaging costs more than the popcorn itself!
Looked at that way it's more valuable than platinum or plutonium!
I'm definately in the wrong business.
13th Aug 2008, 08:32   comments (4)

Drama over the Humber estuary

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There's one good thing to be said for these crappy British summers, the skies are pretty cool.
13th Aug 2008, 08:23   comments (2)

Being busy!

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Since we came back from Oz I've not been posting much to Moblog. I have however been following what most of you have been getting up to, couldn't miss that. There was a problem with not being able to post from my phone directly, which is a problem for me being away from home most of the time. That's sorted now, had to do with the (XL-ent) changes recently to MoblogUK.
I've kind of been persuaded that I should do more with (some of) my images and artwork.
I'm gradually getting enough "stuff" together to maybe put on a bit of an exhibition (or maybe just make an exhibition of myself, we'll see).
These are mock-ups of potential three-panel canvases of some abstract works. I had a couple of frames spare in the attic so I put together these three too. It doesn't look bad, close up, frames, glass and matting make such a difference to an image and its presentation but I'll be going much bigger in size than this shortly and investing in some serious canvases.
There are "proper" photos in the mix too, some black and white work, wedding pictures, landscapes, not sure if I should theme the display or mix the lot up, see which ones generate interest (assuming anyone turns up).
Early days yet, I've a few options and ideas for venues, maybe even multi-venues (which will solve the "theme or mix" dilemma)
Time scale is before the end of this year, which gives me four months and should be more than enough time, or not nearly enough, we'll see.
Steep learning curve, nothing I know anything about, as yet.
So, I'm still here, lurking in the background.
About time I did something with this and put it to bed for good, can't say I never tried then, in my old age.
You're all invited to opening night, there will be nibbles and wine, lots of red wine (I'll be the drunk one, slumped in the corner)
and espresso coffee, I make it with a lemon twist, you like!
10th Aug 2008, 17:48   comments (19)

Partial solar eclipse @ Melton Mowbray!

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I was so excited!
Bright, sunny skies all morning, then, with two minutes to go, the clouds rolled in.
When's the next one?
Is this an omen?

(been having trouble posting from my phone recently)
4th Aug 2008, 14:20   comments (4)

Perth City centre

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Perth is a very well turned-out city, everything in it's place & a place for everything.
Old buildings have been perfectly preserved next to the new sky-scrapers, monuments protected, bins everywhere (and frequently emptied) a free bus network and virtually no on-street parking.
very tidy.
23rd Jul 2008, 15:04   comments (4)