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That Wordle thing

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Nige put us onto
this site
Pretty, but not a lot of use to man nor beast.

That's ART man!

(This collection of words from an old poem I once did write and a little (well, a lot) of re-working in the "shop")
6th Sep 2008, 08:12   comments (6)

A very rare BBQ

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Last weekend we wheeled the Webber out and set fire to it.
Not something we've been able to do much this year so far, or last year, come to think of it.
I recon it's time to roof-over the terrace at the back there and invest in one of them stainless steel "outdoor kitchens" that run on gas. (like George's)
That'd save moving all that way to Australia now wouldn't it?
3rd Sep 2008, 17:46   comments (4)

FOAM (FOtomuseum AMsterdam)

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The Photographic Museum Of Amsterdam isn't actually a museum at all, just a gallery.
This bit of graffiti in the gent's caught my eye more than anything else, to be honest. But, maybe my mind was on other things.

So, off we went then, to Amsterdam on Friday.
We had an appointment with an Australian Migration Consultancy.
Yes, we're considering upping-sticks and joining the rest of my family "DownUnder".
Only it's not that simple, never is, is it.
Although my own case is pretty much nailed-on, Anja's actually isn't at all, unless we murder her remaining family,
all of them.
The feller suggested trying for New Zealand, which would be no problem for both of us to get in. (they're a bit desperate over there apparently, take anyone)
Well, it's in the same hemisphere at least, was his considered opinion. Next best thing, as it were.
Now I know absolutely NOTHING about New Zealand, other than the obvious; that LOTR was filmed there and that they're pretty good at rugby. Tesco buys up their entire production of frozen lamb and the Kiwi is a particularly silly looking flightless bird as well as a dodgy-looking fruit that you eat like a boiled egg.
So. There are Emails flying about all over the shop, making sure we've left no stone unturned as far as Oz is concerned and in the meantime I've bought a stack of tourist-guides and migration information packs for NZ and I'm watching Billy Connolly's "World Tour Of New Zealand" again while paying a little more attention to detail this time.
Pfff, I dunno, we don't particularly want or need to get away from where we are now, it was/is more about being able to join the rest of my family there. But the idea has been planted now and it keeps going round and round: what if in later years we're saying "what if".
What if?
31st Aug 2008, 17:59   comments (7)

Annie on the train to the big city.

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A day out, and a an important interview. Life-changing, one might say.
29th Aug 2008, 07:20   comments (5)

"The Lowry", Salford Quays, Manchester

Tuesday afternoon I got to spend some time at the Lowry galleries.
I'd been meaning to get there in the truck if I could for a long time.
There's a piece of waste ground across the water from the gallery that
they're calling a "truck Stop". It won't be there much longer, prime real
estate these days. They could build some more premiership footballer's
apartments there.
Seeing some of the more famous L.S.Lowry works was pretty cool but I was
just in awe of this building! I love every corner of the place. I was
wandering around (virtually deserted in there) taking pictures of ceilings,
doors, floors, walls, windows, lighting (they must have thought I was doing
some kind of a recce for a big art-heist).
The colours, textures, materials, shapes, juxtapositions, just fantastic!

Cowboys & Indians

In Zevenaar we often have "musical weekends". Different themes, Jazz festivals, Wind Organs, Blues, "oom-pah" bands, choirs, all sorts.
Last weekend it was the turn of the line-dancers.
Usually a grumpy looking lot, this year they put on a pretty good show, a-stomping and a-stamping.
The Indian chief and his squaw were an added bonus, they knew all the steps and there wasn't any fight'n.

approach to Rotterdam

As The "Pride of Hull" sails into the port of Rotterdam the view outside is not exactly what many tourists may have been expecting.
I don't think it makes a very good first impression of the country.
The skies today improved it greatly, I think.

Doing a Caine

During a walk into town yesterday.
(imitation is the finest form of flattery)

I recon we should win a prize for the ugliest town-hall in the country.
18th Aug 2008, 14:48   | tags:comments (3)