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Rugby Club "de Duuvels" 30 years old

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Big party @ "the club"
Jan Lubbers (the guy in red doing the speech) has been there from the start and is still playing for the first team (when they're a man down, which is mostly)
Today there was a mini's game, a youth game and "Duuvels" Vs "Old Duuvels" (21 - 14 to the old'ns)
The band is setting up, party's on!
13th Sep 2008, 16:08   comments (4)

Setting sail to the sunset

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(avoid aliteration, always)

Taken at Hoek van Holland from the top deck of the "Stena Traveller", destination Killingholme. ("Stena Britanica" next ship along, destination Harwich)
10th Sep 2008, 20:20   comments (5)

The end of the world is neigh!

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At precisely 09.30hrs (local time, Switzerland) the LHC will be fired up and something pretty spectacular will happen.
What, exactly, no one knows but the "Sun" says that a mini black hole will be created which will rapidly grow larger and larger, feeding itself, consuming itself and everything around it untill we're all sucked in to an unexpected early ski-holiday in the Alps.
Or not.
But it was in the "Sun" so it must be true.
It was nice knowing you guys. See you on the other side.
10th Sep 2008, 07:48   comments (12)

Motorway bridge

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Lovely weather again (not)
8th Sep 2008, 12:21   comments (4)

Oi! Watch yer mouth!

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Besides, my Wii-fit age is much lower than you'd expect and I as long as I can still fit down that trapdoor hole things can't be all that bad.
8th Sep 2008, 10:51   comments (0)

Domestic caving expedition

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I'm re-wiring the kitchen.
We had three fused-groups for the whole house, now we have five just for the kitchen and three for the rest of the house.
Under most Dutch houses is a crawling space, about 18 inches deep, there's a trapdoor under the kitchen doormat and another one in the cupboard under the stairs (where the mains fusebox is).
It's a tight squeeze, especially if you're me, no place for the faint-hearted, full of strange white spiders and black sticky cobwebs.
Job done, no more blown fuses (hopefully)
7th Sep 2008, 20:09   comments (9)

Petronis Twin towers

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My Sister went to KL and all she sent me was this (lovely) Photo!
6th Sep 2008, 17:27   comments (1)


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Love the way there are no posts to this group (yet)
6th Sep 2008, 17:22   comments (2)