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Just a formality

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I've been sat in this police station for an hour now.
The place is empty, quiet, like being in a church on a Monday afternoon.
I had to come back from England especially to report here. As quick as I could, get to Nijmegen, then jump in the car, drive home, about 30 miles, and the woman pc here just said to me "we're extremely busy at the moment, couldn't you come back tomorrow?"


. . . . . . . after two hours I'm away from there now and at the bank. A lot more positive here, she's just got to enter 16 cases of card-misuse, one at a time, each one is a seperate crime as far as they're concerned.
But there's coffee!
7th Oct 2008, 16:17   comments (3)

drowning me sorrows (?)

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Can't afford it really I suppose, specially on this boat, Rotterdam to Hull, P&O; charge ridiculous prices.
Best just stick to the one.
Well, two then.
5th Oct 2008, 19:42   comments (3)

I wuz robbed!

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Dirty, filthy, vile scumbags!!

Someone, somewhere, has skimmed my bank card and somehow secured my PIN.
17 transactions in less than a week, all in the Birmingham area, before my balance hit the overdraft limit.
Only noticed yesterday when I came home and checked on the internet.
Shouldn't there be some kind of automated alarm-bell that rings when unusual transaction patterns like this occur? (I typically would only use my bank card in the UK maybe two or three times a month for fifty quid spending cash).
The card is of course now blocked and they will get in touch with me on Monday concerning how to proceed.

I'll send them a link to this Blog and we'll see how their customer service holds up to the critical eye of Moblog and all who visit here.

As for the Bastards responsible, every time I hear of a gang-on-gang shooting in the Birmingham area I shall be raising a glass with a big smile on my face.
4th Oct 2008, 11:45   | tags:,,comments (31)

Photokina 2008

Went down to the Koln-Messe today for the Photokina imaging expo.

Like a massive big camera shop, the size of about eight football fields.

Later in the afternoon I had to come home again, I didn't want to.

Real shame you couldn't make it Boet, next time for sure.
28th Sep 2008, 22:03   comments (4)


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My picture from the Duuvel's 30 year bash made the paper!
They never credited me with having taken it though, maybe I should sue, half a million should cover it, considering all the emotional damage I've suffered.
27th Sep 2008, 12:36   | tags:comments (9)

Airborne Battle Wheels

This week is the 64th anniversary of "Operation Market Garden" (The
mass-parachute drop on Arnhem)
My mate Andy has a Jeep, Bren gun, Sten gun and 3" inch mortar and takes
part every year in the memorial activities.
One of these activities is the "race to the bridge" (from the Telefoonsweg
to the John Frost bridge) and I went along for the ride (and to take a
couple of hundred photos).
They're a great bunch of people, really keeping up the spirit of what
occurred here during the war, keeping alive the memory of the sacrifices
that were made here.
There are still a good few veterans that come over each year, they're well
looked after by the association all weekend.
A good day out for me, a heavy weekend for most.

ZRC de Duuvels, 30 years old

(to round off last weekend's events)

Congrats guys, 30 years is a long time in Rugby!
20th Sep 2008, 19:13   comments (7)


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Joanne (Belvedere) arrived at the rugby club with her band "Belvedere" and
said to me; My voice isn't that good, don't listen to my English
pronunciation, we "only" do covers.
Well, I've known Joanne for 15 - 20 years, never heard her sing.
I was blown away Me and all the rest of the audience.
You are good, damn you're good. The band are XL-ent, your singers are great.
Huge future there for you all.
13th Sep 2008, 23:22   comments (1)