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Ed & the Fretmen

(we're big fans)
15th Dec 2008, 21:11   comments (3)

Retteketet Xmas showband

(viewed 1673 times)
EMM, Ooy, yesterday.
15th Dec 2008, 21:00   comments (0)

Stuff In the post!

(viewed 1103 times)
Thanks D, thanks Sprocket,
and all the very best wishes to you too.
14th Dec 2008, 13:10   comments (4)

Out Cruising

Went out for a wee chug along the canal with Ian & Kirsty to the pub & back. I steered!
Ian's good, improving. He just needs to learn to take things easy, one day at a time, listen to his body.
Problem is, he's not used to sitting around doing next to nothing and as soon as he thinks he's on top of things he goes and does too much.
He'll be right, couple of weeks.
6th Dec 2008, 23:52   comments (23)

Crap parking @ Ikea

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Why take up just two spaces when you can block four?
Not sure that this was just rubbish parking, more likely an antisocial git who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to hog four spaces in an extremely busy Ikea carpark on a Saturday morning.
2nd Dec 2008, 06:11   comments (11)

Thinking of you, mate.

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My oldest friend, Ian, is under the surgeon's knife today.
He was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer a couple of months ago and today's the day they declared war on it.
Quite an involved process and the necessary post-op treatment.
Here's wishing you all the best mate, I'll call Kirsty tonight to see how it went and hope to get over there next week with a hamper full of goodies that you probably can't eat (we'll help you with that, don't worry).
Ian and I have shared a huge number of experiences over the last 28 years. I've told him this is one I'll let him have a go at and he can just tell me about it after.
27th Nov 2008, 09:45   comments (42)

Happy Birthday Angelien

Anja's mum had her 70th birthday yesterday!
Family and friends around. I met a couple of cousins I'd not seen before and some auntys & uncles, all nice folk.
So happy birthday Angelien, and thanks for the supper.
24th Nov 2008, 07:25   comments (2)

Anja's Mum's Choir

(viewed 1487 times)
"Jerusalem" raised the roof!
23rd Nov 2008, 21:33   comments (5)