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Annie & Coffee

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She's very particular about her coffee is our Annie.
At breakfast in the hotel it was Nescafe, and therefore undrinkable, so we had to find a place in town where they had "real" coffee.
And now it's rainig.
17th Jan 2009, 10:25   comments (5)

All settled

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In the pub (the Prince Regent) for lunch.
(nearest one to the hotel that didn't have it's windows boarded-up)
Hotel's lovely, we arrived at 10am and she let us up to the room, even though the check-in time's really after 2pm.
Very old-world style, room's big enough, a bath, very tidy, the dinner menu looks fantastic, we'll be there for us supper tonight.
16th Jan 2009, 13:07   comments (2)

On our way!

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Early start (up @ 4)
Airport Weeze (Ryanair call it Dusseldorf but it's miles away from there) is a great little airport, checked in and sat down with a cup of coffee within 15 minutes of parking the car there.
Now arrived @ Stansted waiting for the coach to Cambridge.
16th Jan 2009, 07:48   comments (4)

Sunday kitchen, Beer Can Chicken

Take one oven ready chicken and a can of that poncey cherry-flavoured beer (we stumbled upon this really, because it was a small chicken and this was the only can that would fit up it, but the flavour's fantastic in the meat).

Open the can (very important, as you can imagine) and sit the bird on top of it. It's legs act as a tripod and it stands quite stable.

Rub in plenty of seasoning, I'd tell you what the mix was, but I'd then have to kill you, suffice to say there's about eight different ingredients in there.

Stick it in the oven for as long as it takes to cook through. The beer in the can will start to boil and impart it's flavour through the chicken and keep it moist from the inside out.

After cooking remove the can and leave the bird to rest under some tin-foil while you make the gravey.

Empty the contents of the can into the roasting tin and stir through the chicken juices and stuff that's left in there. Bring to the boil on a high heat and let it reduce by about half then sieve the bits out and serve over the carved chicken.

The sweet flavour in the beautifully moist chicken is just fantastic and the gravey is to die for.

Vegetarians might want to try it with a butternut squash or a mellon or something.
12th Jan 2009, 03:11   comments (13)

Worth getting up early for!

The BoetMeister & I got out & about before dawn this morning (not that hard
to do when it doesn't get light 'till after 8am) and over to Pannerden, only
down the road from me, for some "sunrise in the cold" pictures.
It was bloody freezing All those knobs & buttons on the camera mean I'm
not comfortable wearing gloves but my fingers were freezing off in minus 13
I was clever enough to have left my laptop charger in the truck this weekend
so these have been "adjusted" with Google's "Picasa" image editor on the
home laptop and not Photoshop. Not a bad little program, for free.
Boet had me a little worried when we shuffled out onto the frozen lake,
crutch on one arm, thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment on the

Thank gawd that's over!

Opening night, "Manipulation of
for nine weeks here in Zevenaar.
Months of prep, all day setting up, 38 images mounted, framed, and hung.
(they said they had "room for about 25", had to be a bit creative there too)
I'm knackered!

Thanks to Annie for all her help, even though she's not a well bunny.
Thanks to all who came and for all your kind words, (and thanks for not
insisting on a speech)
Thanks to the "Bieb" for letting me through the door.

Now, can I go back to being a trucker please? It's a damn site easier!
2nd Jan 2009, 21:11   comments (13)

One good, very good, one not so.

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Pheasant, seasoned and drizzled with olive oil & honey, roasted in the oven.

(mini éclairs, cream-filled, sans chocolait)

Most Pheasant recipes advise filleting the meat off the bone,
I now know why hacking it in half and chucking it in the oven is the "hopefull cheat's" way out.
The dam-ting is(was) wild!
got bits of shot still in it and is so attached to it's own bones
(well, you would be, wouldn't you?)
that it's not that easy to get stuck into with a knife & fork as yer average 1/2 chicken might be.

The "Soesjes", however, were just XL-ent.
1st Jan 2009, 20:46   comments (1)

We're in business!

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Happy New Year everybody

As of today "JokerXL productions" is a fact!

Went down to the chamber of commerce in Arnhem yesterday and registered
myself as a company.
There's a lot more involved than I might have imagined and I'll have to get
down to learning the ins and outs of it all.
Exhibition opens tomorrow for nine weeks.
All sorted, ready to go. Once I get the opening night out of the way I can
go back to being a trucker again and it'll all take care of itself (yeah,

I'll have to get a little sign made up "Managing Director" and put it in my
driveway for my parking space, well, there should be some perks!
1st Jan 2009, 10:30   comments (9)