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Euphro, remember that bucket of clothes pegs in Geodyne's loom-room? That you pointed out as a photo-op?
Well you were right.
Inverted in-phone and Bob's yer auntie's husband.
26th Jan 2009, 04:46   comments (5)

We went to Australia!

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Loved it!
A film where you need to take two packs of tissues in with you, Not a dry eye in the house (including rufty-tufty-truckers).
Nearly three hours long but the time flew by.
Anja is now officially in love with that hairy bloke, Hugh wotsisface, Jackless.
25th Jan 2009, 15:44   comments (2)

We're going to Australia!

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24th Jan 2009, 20:26   comments (6)

Messing with cambridge

Some planet-pano's and HDR images of various bits of Cambridge.
The product of not having that much to do this week.
Jeeze, who am I kidding, there are at least three websites that need my immediate attention, a web-shop that's going nowhere lately and a shed load of stuff that needs organising, backing up and clearing out cq deleting.
(but this is more fun)
24th Jan 2009, 09:40   comments (8)


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I'm on a bit of a roll lately, as far as getting my name in the papers.

A while back I sent a letter of complaint to a company that wouldn't allow me to use their toilet facilities while I was there on business.
I explained in the letter that I'd be CC'ing my complaint to the Health & Safety Executive and the various UK haullage publications.
The company's MD replied with a lot of waffle about "company policy".
The HSE replied with a lot of quotes from the Health and Safety at work act that had been "cut and pasted" by way of an answer but were actually totally unrelated to the points I'd raised, and attempted to sell me a copy of their rule book.

Quite pleased with this result though, it's been edited a little but not changed.

I think it does help to comment and complain when and where things could be improved. We, generally, accept being treated without respect, receiving shoddy service when we're paying customers. We don't like to rock the boat but if nothing's said then nothing's done. People will continue to believe that what they're doing is acceptable, how they act is correct.
I'm not saying we should be awkward and difficult everywhere we go but a little constructive criticism where it's needed can't be a bad thing.
22nd Jan 2009, 09:42   comments (10)

Geodyne's torture apparatus

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Geo showed us the fruits of her loom on Saturday.
Amazing work! Hours and hours she sits there, feet and hands whizzing about on this big old contraption.
Some of the material is 60 threads per inch IN EACH DIRECTION! and takes hours just to even set up! Extremely fine silk threads that makes the most beautiful finished product that is light as air.
Wonderful stuff!
20th Jan 2009, 18:10   comments (9)

I is in the paper(s)

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Famous for five minutes, a legend in his own lunchtime!
20th Jan 2009, 12:48   comments (17)

Geodyne's winter bash

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What a lovely bunch of peeps.
Thanks Geo for letting us clutter up your house for the evening, was great seeing you again.
That ale was really nice.
Good to see some old friends, and meet a new one.
Hope to see most of you, and a few others at "Shoot London '09" on the 16th of May.
18th Jan 2009, 09:25   comments (8)