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Long-winded band names

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TONIGHT! For one night only!

The legendary;
recently returned from their world tour of Eastern European barn-dances, live in this auditorium!


there must have been longer, dafter band names.
The "Bonzo dog doo-da band" (was it?)
"Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky. Mick & Titch"?
23rd Feb 2009, 15:15   comments (8)

Carnaval 2009, Zevenaar, the Parade (II)

More daftness on the highstreet yesterday.
All this years pictures are HERE if you'd like to see more.
23rd Feb 2009, 11:47   comments (18)

Carnaval 2009 in Zevenaar, the Parade

The rain held off and we had a dry parade this year.
Well supported, some great costumes, wagons, bands.
Lots of colour and noise.
All pics are HERE if you'd like to see more.
23rd Feb 2009, 11:26   comments (0)

Carnaval 2009 is well and truly underway!

Today the Mayor handed over the (symbolic) key to the town to the Prince Carnival.
For the next four days Zevenaar becomes "Boemelburcht" and is one big party-town.
Today's photos are all Here

Off the wall

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Now, what does that remind you of?
21st Feb 2009, 19:09   comments (17)

Feeling the squeeze

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The Hoek-Harwich Stena ferry was only about 1/3 full this week.
I've never seen it this empty.
This pic is first thing in the morning (04.00) as the drivers go back to their vehicles.
Sign of the times, there's not a lot happening out there.
21st Feb 2009, 18:19   comments (2)

But is it art?

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I thought this would make quite a nice piece for on a wall somewhere, biggest canvas I can find, behind the reception desk at work maybe.
21st Feb 2009, 09:45   comments (2)

JokerXL is blacked out

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In support of the New Zealand campaign against "Guilt Upon Accusation"
19th Feb 2009, 20:03   comments (5)