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Cold out!

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And this is still on the boat, coastal areas supposed to be the warmest in a country.
4th Feb 2012, 06:00   comments (2)

Sausage Salad.

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Is that allowed?
3rd Feb 2012, 15:06   comments (3)

The Henge of Stone!

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Playing with the iPhone on my lunchbreak.
Just can't stop fiddling!
26th Jan 2012, 11:01   comments (11)


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Yesterday on the A50 in NL.
They're building a bridge, parallel to the existing one, doubling the motorway's capacity at that point.
200m in front of me (or approximately fifteen seconds at motorway speeds) a huge crane that was working alongside the bridge toppled over, onto the carriage-way!
A truck at speed ran straight into it and wedged himself into the barrier on the far left. Scania total-loss. Drivers of the crane and the truck both unhurt, amazingly!
24th Jan 2012, 11:50   comments (7)


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Enough to keep us going for a year or so!
21st Jan 2012, 12:12   comments (1)

There you go Maggie!

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19th Jan 2012, 20:43   comments (1)

Roadside Food at its best.

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19th Jan 2012, 12:16   comments (18)

Winter Seascape

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It's looking a bit "threatening" out there. Glad I'm not out there anymore today, well maybe again tonight, but let's hope it settles a bit.
iPhone4 capture, then edited with several in-phone photo Apps. My latest hobby.
19th Jan 2012, 09:46   comments (7)