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CODA museum/gallery, Apeldoorn

We went to Apeldoorn, to the CODA museum/gallery.
never even heard of it before now, only half an hour down the road.
Great place!
Bill Wyman has his (mainly) "Stones" photo's there.
There was a great collection of 70's pop images, everyone looking extremely young.
And an Origami exhibition, we (tried) folding our own Storks. There were better examples.
I've bookmarked it, we'll be back.
4th Apr 2009, 21:01   comments (2)

Anja getting stuck in!

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After she'd worked out that you had to switch it on to get any power out of
it she got stuck in to power-washing the outside flooring.
It's a really mucky job, mud & sand spatters everywhere.
I advised her to put on rain-trousers & willies and then I watched her
through the window.

Good job! Looks really nice now!
4th Apr 2009, 20:45   comments (2)

A bit O.T.T.

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I bought this little pack of cleaning tablets (for the coffee machine) off
the internet.
They arrived two days after ordering, which is great.
But just check out the size of the package it came in
The box was full of Styrofoam too.
A Jiffy-Bag would've sufficed, and would've fit through the letterbox too,
as it was Anja had to go collect it.
4th Apr 2009, 07:37   comments (4)

Birthday baking

Two cheesecakes!!

One is a "Standard" New York Cheesecake, the other is with chocolate & almonds.

When a recipe says "600gr cream-cheese" I use part Cottage Cheese, part Ricotta (or Mascarpone) and part "ordinary" cream cheese, like unflavoured Philadelphia or something.

For both cakes, crush 120gr digestives (each) and mix with 125gr (each) melted butter. Make the base by patting the mixture down into a greased spring-form tin. Place the tins in the fridge to firm-up.

For the New York Cheesecake, mix up the three cheeses, 120gr castor sugar, lemon rind, orange rind, sour cream and lemon juice in the mixer till thick and creamy.
Add two whole eggs, one at a time while the whizzer's still whizzing.
Pour into the tin.

For the chocolate job, I hacked-up a bar of that 70% Swiss stuff with a big handful of almonds, added the three cheeses, sugar and the juice of an orange whisked until nicely mixed, added the 2 eggs and poured it into the tin with the biscuit base. A few almonds sprinkled over the top and both tins went in the oven (180 degrees C) for an hour and a quarter.
After the oven goes "ping", do nothing!
Leave them in there to cool down, for at least an hour, then on the windowsill until cooled enough to go in the fridge.
The longer they're in the fridge the better (within reason) at least overnight, 24 hrs is better, a couple of days is best.

I'll put a topping of sour cream/lemon juice/sugar on the New Yorker tomorrow and back in the fridge overnight.
The Chocolate job will probably get a coating of chocolate/cream, not sure yet.

These are for Sunday,
it's my birthday.
I've not invited anyone,
all this cake is for meMEmeME!
3rd Apr 2009, 12:47   comments (8)

Looking for Alfie

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I waved, couldn't see him waving back.
Crossing the Tyne yesterday morning (no fog) in the rush-hour. Plenty of time to stop'n'shoot a couple out the window.
Back in the land of Holl this morning. Sun's splittig the trees.
Alfie, will we see you & JJ @ the Tate this next month?
2nd Apr 2009, 06:53   comments (17)

The Angel of the North

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Not Finland, not Khatmandu or Tahiti. Rio was close, good guess HotDawg.
Jeroen, Gateshead? Don't be ridiculous, how could "Gateshead" have anything so magnificent, so majestic, to offer the world?

Because the clocks went forward I had to wait till quite late before I went out and snapped these. Whenever I come here it's (virtually) deserted, best kept secret in the North East, if you ask me.
1st Apr 2009, 09:08   comments (12)


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Bet you can't guess where I am tonight.
G'wan, have a guess.
Could be anywhere, I know, but see if you can guess.
I'll give you a clue, it's somewhere along the A1. Not much of a clue, I know, as the A1 runs from the center of London to the center of Edinburgh but I don't want to make it too easy for you.
31st Mar 2009, 17:49   comments (9)

More Blackbrids than anything else

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Anja puts out all kinds of things for all kinds of birds; nuts in feeders, hanging net-balls, (whole grain) bread, fruit, all sorts.
Consequently we get a lot of visits from a lot of different kinds of bird.
House Sparrows & Hedge Sparrows
Blue Tits & Great Tits
Wood Pigeons & Turtle Doves
Finches, Wrens, Robins
Jackdaws & Jays
Bats (ok, I know, but it flies), Seagulls and the odd Kestrel (or Sparrow Hawk, not sure which)

And, of course, when I stood there for half an hour with the big lens, only this Blackbird dared show his beak!
29th Mar 2009, 20:04   comments (3)