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Industrial stuff

The Moblog equivalent of twidling your thumbs; waiting round for "other people" to get their fingers out, wander about snapping stuff with your mobile.
Kills time.
27th Apr 2009, 14:49   comments (2)

Who let the dogs out?

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26th Apr 2009, 18:13   comments (9)

The Shinkickers

Last summer, in Oz, we went to my Sister's local pub and this band was playing.
Gerry Quigley, the guitarist, was certainly the best guitarist I've seen in a long long time.
The band has a great sound, very blues but their own style.
All very friendly too, sat with us for a beer during breaks and they were happy for me to be taking pictures.
I put some pictures on the blog last year.
Jeni (manager-roadie-gopher (her words)) saw those pictures a couple of weeks ago and asked if they could use some on their website.
Happy to oblige, these are a few of the ones I sent.
She was quite pleased, so am I.
21st Apr 2009, 15:40   comments (3)

BaldieXL, slap my top!

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So, I've got this hair-trimmer thing, and I remembered to take the charger with me this time onto the Hull-Zeebrugge boat last night.
It's got this neat curved cutting edge and an adjustable combe-depth regulator thing that you can set from 5 to 1 (mm, presumably) and is also removable for cleaning or for that #0 cut.
Starting at #5 off I went, zoom-zoom, buzz-buzz, but it kept getting blocked and wasn't really doing much so I dialed in #4 and went at it again.
A little more success this time but altogether too slow so I set it to #3 which went great!
I like the sides to be a little shorter than the top so I set the thing to #2 and went over the back & sides again. Fine, but it's quite hard to get the transition between 3-top & 2-back/sides right so I ended up setting it to #1 and going over the whole lot with that setting.
Fair enough, very short but at least it's even, except that bit above the ears that you can't quite get to, really close in there, looks silly, so off with the combe/spacer gadget and carefully trim close in around the ears.
Not carefully enough. Little bald postage-stamps cut into the side of my head.
Right, over the lot again then with #0 and be done with it!
Very shortly after, under the shower, with a razor too close at hand for safety, I come up with a brilliant idea, let's shave the head completely!
What a strange experience, and quite hard to get every last inch covered.
People were looking at me over breakfast, I could see their eyes shifting upwards.
Bet I get sun-burned now.
21st Apr 2009, 10:48   comments (10)

(nearly) black tulips

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Well, very dark purple anyway.
They keep coming back up in under the tree in the back.
19th Apr 2009, 14:47   comments (6)


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Ian & Mac getting in the way of a good shot.
18th Apr 2009, 06:47   comments (4)


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My truck, "squaring-up" to a French one.
I had to jump in there and seperate them before anything serious kicked off.
It's been like this since the "battle of Calais" the other week, and now French fishermen are being allowed by the impotent French authorities to blockade the ports it's only got his back up!
15th Apr 2009, 16:46   comments (10)

The gang!

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This is Cor & Francisca (and Anja & me, of course), we'll all be travelling over for the Shoot London weekend next month.
Hope to see you there.

My "eye in the sky" technique there, inspired by Sir Findo Gask and his elevated photography business, camera on its tripod, pointing down a little, two second delay on the shutter release, hoik it up in the air, (that's a photo-technical term, don't worry about it) and smile, upwards.
You can get about a 12 foot elevation!
14th Apr 2009, 18:32   comments (5)