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While you were out . . . .

While Anja was in town this afternoon, shopping with her Mother, I was
having a little play in the kitchen.
The fun thing about sushi (for me) is that the presentation is just as
important as the taste, but it tasted good too!

A lot of work for one meal but well worth it, if only for the
photo-opportunity while making it. I put the dishes on the worktop for the
pictures, then quickly back in the fridge, only the sun coming through the
window as lighting, I was thinking of setting up a flash (or two) but I
don't needed it.
1st May 2009, 19:46   comments (15)

Something altogether more cheerful & spring-like.

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There are 10 ducklings in our local pond, we counted ten a couple of weeks ago too when they first appeared so they're all doing well so far, despite the Herons, giant Carp & a pretty fearsome red-cheeked Turtle that someone let free in there.
I risked giving my D80 a dunking with these shots, holding it as low to the water as I could to get the "duck's eye view".
30th Apr 2009, 21:30   comments (15)

Attack on Dutch Royal Family

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(shocking images, beware)

On "Queen's Day" in Apeldoorn this afternoon a man (38 year old white, male from Huissen, Gelderland, NL) drove a black Suzuki Swift, registration number FZ-VL-03, at great speed straight through the crowds of people who were stood watching the open-top bus pass by carrying the Dutch Royal family.
Reports at this time state that four people were killed outright, thirteen were injured (five critically), as many as 23 people were hit by the speeding car as it headed straight for the the royal bus. It would seem that the car was so badly damaged as it rammed through the crowds lining the street that the driver, who was trapped behind the wheel, was unable to keep the vehicle under control, which then veered off to the left, missing the bus and smashing to a halt against the "Naald" monument.
Fire crews had to cut the driver from the wreckage. He is now under police guard in hospital after undergoing an operation.
The festivities planned for today on "Koninginnedag" have been cancelled, flags are flying at half-mast throughout the country.

(Film is from the NOS, Dutch TV)

Happy Birthday Trix!

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It's "Queen's Day" here in the land of Holl today.
Queen (mother's) birthday and a national holiday.
Weather's looking promising for a good day out in town, all dressed-up in orange.
Tomorrow off too, then the weekend, and Monday's a bank holiday in the UK too, so Mega-long-weekend!!
30th Apr 2009, 08:42   comments (0)

Come to Australia!

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If only just for the flora & fauna, so pretty, so friendly, so welcoming!
29th Apr 2009, 18:59   comments (2)

Isao Tomita

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Just rediscovered this album, tucked away in the attic. Had it since I was a kid.
Jeeze, I was a weird kid.
29th Apr 2009, 10:34   comments (9)

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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Today at 6pm local time my Mum & Dad, Maureen & Michael, became Australian citizens!
"Poms" no more; proper beer-chugging, Chardonay-quaffing, snagger-grilling, fly-swatting, passport holding Aussies!
Congrats to you both, hope to get over there again as soon as we can manage it.
28th Apr 2009, 15:48   comments (9)


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An old poster from last year on a lamp post in town yesterday.
"Social Outcast" (my son Nick's band) is no more, gone with the wind, as they do.
They're now called "Hotosukyaki" (or something like that, a Japanese word for something truly shocking that he wouldn't tell me the translation of) but he's being poached by a (bigger) band at the moment, away up the road from here.
He's to study their mp3 material, write some lyrics and come "vocalise" for them this week.
They don't "sing", they "vocalise", which is fair enough.
27th Apr 2009, 17:14   comments (9)