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The gang, on tour!

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Cor, Fran, Anja & me on the "P&O; Pride of somewhere over the rainbow" just leaving the lovely Calais.
Should be in our London pad by about four.
15th May 2009, 12:31   comments (13)

Imperial War Museum (north)

Parked on "Diggles" truckstop tonight (scrappy bit of waste ground with a fence around it and a porta-cabin) in Trafford Park, Manchester.
Right next door to the War museum.
Got here and hour before they shut so had a wander around in there. Impressive building, that's for sure, but I kind of got the feeling it was more about the building than the contents. The displays were "arty", lots of sound & light to augment the artifacts. Loads of space, high ceilings, one Harrier Jump-Jet and an old tank.
Not at all like the London version that's stuffed full of exhibits, perhaps they could lend them some, maybe they already have.
Left the D80 in the truck, smuggled the N96 in.
11th May 2009, 19:59   comments (2)

"Allium Giganteum" in Boet's garden

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good name for a giant onion!
10th May 2009, 08:30   comments (6)

Zoë! What a cracker!

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Great to see B&W; back home again and settled in. Fantastic job guys!

After she'd had a feed they asked me would I like to wind her, which I thought was a bit harsh so I gave her a dead-leg instead.


(I've been waiting weeks to get that one in)
9th May 2009, 21:46   comments (5)

Blue & yellow go so well together

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Great skies & miles of rape-seed in Cambridgeshire yesterday.
Not so much of it planted in Holland.
I went through the "Bulb-district" this morning (Lisse, Katwijk, noordwijkerhout) and all the rows and fields of tulips have been "topped" already so no point in heading over there this weekend.
When the tulips are in full bloom they go over them with a huge lawn mower-like thing and hack off all the flower-heads (it's all about cultivating the bulbs, not the blooms), most distressing sight, if you see what they cost for a bunch in the shops!
8th May 2009, 13:54   comments (5)

A proper stork!

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Holland has loads & loads of Herons, they're all over the place, they'll land in your postage-stamp back garden and steal your goldfish, but you only get to see a real-live Stork very occasionally. The're huge! Walking or flying. Half as big again as the Heron. Usually in pairs, there was another one hunting in this freshly mown meadow but not close enough together to get them in the same frame.

There's a local song that translates as: "on the shores of the Bruily, between Ooy & Zevenaar, a frog sat woefully, all forlorne"
it goes on a bit (as you'd imagine) and the frog explains the reason behind her sadness: " . . . . You see that Stork over there? he's your father's murderer, swallowed him down whole he did!".

This picture was taken from up on the "Ooysedijk", between Ooy & Zevenaar, a stone's throw from the "Bruily" lake. So, there may be something in that old song.

Storks (Ooievaars) are called "frog-thieves" (Kickerdief) in Dutch.
5th May 2009, 19:37   comments (6)

Congratz Boet & Wendy & Mick & Themba!

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So we popped by B&W;'s place yesterday to see how all were getting on, W was a few days past her "due-date".
Sat around the dining table over coffee, she starts feeling a little "uncomfortable".
"I think this is it" she says, "puff, blow"
and it was!
Less than two hours later Zoe was here!
Many, many congratulations guys, well done Wendy, fabulous job. Good organisation Boet, you were so calm and focussed, everything ready to go, no fuss.
See you all Saturday.
4th May 2009, 07:03   comments (5)

The Leica-T's (x4)

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Team "Leica Virgin" is in da house! (or will be, in precisely two weeks)
Shoot London is HUGE this year, gonna be a blast!
2nd May 2009, 20:36   | tags:comments (9)