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D.I.Y. Grid-Spot from black plastic straws

Finally managed to get hold of some black drinking straws (Thanks Kirsty for nicking handfuls of them every time you passed the bar).

A Grid-Spot is the exact opposite of a diffuser cap, it will concentrate the light bundle to quite a small round, depending on the length of straws you use, the longer the straws the more concentrated the spot.
I used 5 cm cuts for this job.
So, cut all the straws to the same length.
Mark out the long and short edges of your flash head so it fits snugly over the light, with a little overlap to close it off at the end.
Glue the straws to the cardboard, aligning the ends of the straws to the forward edge of the card. It doesn't matter if all the straws aren't exactly the same length, just let the difference be on the inside and have the visible edge all nicely lined up.
Build up layers of straws until the space is filled, then glue it all shut, held together with a lakky-band.
Then tidy things up a little with some duct-tape. I folded a little duct-tape over the edge that slides over the flash head to help with wear & tear.
And there you have it! Bob's yer auntie's brother, as it were.
About half an hour's work.

(Boet, I've loads of black straws left if you're interested)

Groundhog day?

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This appeared on my tv screen late the other night.
Raised a smile.
21st May 2009, 12:29   comments (3)

Didn't get far today

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(alternative caption: caught some bloke stealing my wheels!)

leaky tyre on the way to Calais. Just drove all the way up this road yesterday afternoon on the way back from Shoot London, heading back the other way now in the truck, or, I was.
No spare wheel hanging under the trailer, had to call these guys out. Jeeze they know their stuff, took two hours to get here but had it all sorted within 15 minutes.
I'm going to stay here now, head on to Calais early in the morning, I'm a hundred miles out, shouldn't be any "undesirable characters" wandering about out there tonight.
20th May 2009, 20:32   comments (3)

Euphro's "(B) Lou-Movie"

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Euphro made a great set of images and prompted me to make a movie from them.
Well, here it is.
19th May 2009, 23:31   comments (5)

Lez-Mizz @ the Queen's theater

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We saw Les Miserables last night in the West end, XL-ent!!
19th May 2009, 22:14   comments (0)

Team "Leica Virgin", the final cut.

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The brief was for 134 teams to hit the streets shooting, each armed with four different fragments of a story so that when we all returned they could compile a slide show of the resulting 436 images, narrated by the story.

Our fragments were (from top to bottom);
1. "his tears"
2. "she bit his lip"
3. "would you mind"
4. "they grabbed"
17th May 2009, 06:33   comments (12)

Team MoblogUK @ Shoot London 2009

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What a loverly bunch of peeps!
16th May 2009, 23:17   comments (24)

A rare Filbert Fox picture!

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Yes! managed to snap Filbert Fox before we parted company for this evening.
She was having none of it but I insisted.

Met up with Baggie-Boy & FF for a spot of dinner and a few jars tonight.
FF was drinking coke, when she wasn't throwing it over Cor.
15th May 2009, 22:17   comments (5)