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That ought to do it!

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Bring on the Storks!
6th Jun 2009, 20:23   | tags:comments (12)


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The traffic-Gods are against me this morning.
Tried to to pull a fast one and nip down the A2, to join the A50 at Den Bosch but it all ground to a halt at the Zaltbommel bridge so I got off, turned 180 and headed back up to the A15, which just ground to a halt too.

They're cutting the grass.

I just wanna go home, is that too much to ask? Don't these people know who I am??
6th Jun 2009, 09:57   comments (0)

Dutch wedding gifts

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Very liberal here.
Loved the "groom running off" one myself.
1st Jun 2009, 13:16   comments (17)

Insurance claim

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I backed into the corner of this woman's hedge last Friday.
She insisted on filling out an insurance claim form.
It's spring! It'll grow back!
We have a bonus system at work, a few quid if you get through the year with no culpable damage, only a token really.
Up to this hedge I'd been four years without a scratch. 500,000 dent-free km's.
Never mind eh.
1st Jun 2009, 12:56   comments (19)

Two's company, three's a crowd!

We heard a tip that there were two Storks nesting close to our house.
About a mile away!
Cycled over to see what we could see and were treated to a Stork-fest!
One parent was standing on the nest, we could just see a fuzzy grey head
popping up now and then, then parent #2 arrived.
This was just what I was hoping for because they always do that courting
ritual thing with the clattering beaks and throwing the head back.
Then a third one swooped in!
They were having none of it and Papa-Stork flew after him and saw him off.

Boet, we have to get back there first thing in the morning (It's Whitsun
bank holiday but I'm working in the afternoon) with a tripod coz these snaps
31st May 2009, 18:48   comments (12)

Meet Tim!

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Managed to get down to where Cariadus lives this evening. He picked me up in a layby (how awfull does that sound?) and we took Tim out for a blustery walk along the beach.
Met the Junior Cariadus's "Hi, bye" briefly and Mrs.C. cooked us a lovely dinner.
Was great meeting you all, thanks for the lovely evening, thanks for feeding me, thanks for the conversation, and the bracing walk, proving once again that Moblog really does have the lovelyest peeps.
28th May 2009, 23:06   comments (9)

Moto races @ Hengelo, Gelderland

One of the few road circuits left in Holland (the Assen TT isn't a TT at all really) Boet got us accredited (well, I had a yellow vest on with "Press" on the back that seemed to open all doors/gates/barriers)
Getting inside, up close and dangerous, makes such a difference to "just" sitting in the stands.
Great learning experience, was just getting the hang of tracking at (considerable) speed when I had to head home.
Next year we'll make a whole day of it.
24th May 2009, 12:55   comments (8)

A jingle-jangle Geller-Beller

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It's been quite a "creative" day.
We saw these on a market stall in Covent Garden.
I made this one this afternoon.
Thanks to Annie's mum for the forks & spoons.
We're looking for more.
23rd May 2009, 20:50   comments (3)