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A Jay visited the garden this morning, frightened all the other birds away!

The "mother" Blackbirds are looking good, well fed and groomed. The males
are really scruffy, spending more time chasing each other off their
territory than taking care of themselves.

Loads of successful Great-Tit and Blue-Tit families squabbling about the
grapevines and the House Sparrows have multiplied their numbers.

Dropped in on the Stork nest this morning, only one parent there today. The
young are looking bigger every week, two of them I think in the nest.
14th Jun 2009, 11:35   comments (3)


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Upstairs, outside and all alone on deck 7.
Hazardous cargo has a place of its own on the North Sea crossings.
11th Jun 2009, 16:02   comments (2)

Happy Annie-versary!

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Anja & I have been together now for 8 years.
8 years ago today we went out to dinner for the first time and haven't looked back since.
An awful lot has happened in that time, we've moved house twice, travelled to Australia three times, changed jobs a couple of times and every week I come home to a big smile and a hug at the front door.
Love you babes,
10th Jun 2009, 08:56   comments (13)

Black box, so outmoded.

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Thinking of that terrible Air France Airbus that crashed into the sea last week. The "Black box" flight telemetry recorder and cockpit voice recorder will likely be at the very bottom of an incredibly deep sea, maybe up to 6km depth, unretrievable.
Why, in this day and age of wireless communication, can't they have a system whereby the data required is constantly transmitted from the aircraft's computer to a land-based reciever and data storage facility, backed-up by the onboard "black boxes".
Not only would they then be certain of the recovery and therefore use of the data, it would be immediately available too, no waiting for submariners, mountaineers or whatever to go physically searchmg for charred remains of orange boxes (yes, the "black" box is in fact bright orange to aid recognition).
Just a thought.
9th Jun 2009, 12:34   comments (4)

Storkwatch - Zevenaar

What the heck was I doing with that old lens for these last couple of years??

We went there, we waited, she (he?) came, showed off, strutted his/her stuff, we left.

(anyone wanna buy a 2nd hand Sigma 70-300 zoom? Give you good price, you like, ferry much.)
7th Jun 2009, 20:12   | tags:comments (12)

Happy Birthday Nick & Mike!

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Nick was 17 last week, Mike will be 15 next week.
Out to dinner @ the local Italian resto.
Cheers guys!
7th Jun 2009, 17:48   comments (4)

And then a Stork arrived!

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7th Jun 2009, 12:04   comments (2)

Bring on the birds!

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I knew this would happen. All set up with a top-lens and the tripod. No Storks.
Well, there is one parent Stork up there, sitting with the chicks, but just out of sight from us.
Wait half an hour, see if the other one turns up.
Hope it doesn't rain.
7th Jun 2009, 11:34   comments (2)