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Lunch with D @ Zero Sette

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Yesterday we went out to Excel on the DLR where Zero Sette is situated.

Dhamaka has a good few of her Tango images there on the walls and we wanted to see them there before we left and they will be changed around shortly.
They look stunning, up there in between the Glacier images the contrast works so well.
Dhamaka looked great, so glad we got to see you before we left again (back at home now). I've just sent you two Zip-files of the portraits we took yesterday.

As for "Zero-Sette", well, what a place! XL-ent food, great atmosphere, fantastic building, gorgeous menu, top service. Highly recommended.
14th Jul 2009, 16:31   comments (2)

"Out West"

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We had a nice wander around town this afternoon, getting the hang of the bus system now so nothing too strenuous.

We saw a show; Oscar Wilde's "Dorian Grey" and it was quite an experience.
So different from the usual West end theatre show.
Tiny, basement venue. stage about 8x6 foot. Maybe fifty people filling all the available seats, cast of six.
We were sat right at the front, edge of the (six inch high) stage, at a table!
very strange being face to face with the action, very "involving", but great fun too, intimate.
Great performances by all, the audience actually plays "themselves" during the "Musical drama", I think we did rather well too, in our role.
Highly recommended to all.
12th Jul 2009, 22:49   comments (2)

Happy Birthday Annie!

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What's the Korean for "Happy Birthday"?

Well, happy birthday anyway Schattepoeps.
12th Jul 2009, 18:10   comments (7)

@ the White House!

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11th Jul 2009, 19:15   comments (14)

In a familiar place

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What great weather for a BBQ!
Marco, I hope you've got a roof over that thing.
11th Jul 2009, 10:52   comments (2)

Turner skies over Dover

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Heading back to the land of Holl. Home Friday evening (for a change) and all next week off.
Saturday morning turn around and head back down to Calais for a long weekend in London (again) then the rest of the week home, building an extension to the shed, a man needs a shed, with an extension.
9th Jul 2009, 18:54   comments (1)

Sound familiar?

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Like a one-man "Shoot London".
I wonder what the clues are? Ones we already know?
"either side of the Thames, between Waterloo bridge and Tower bridge"

For more info
6th Jul 2009, 20:09   comments (3)

Fun-fair family

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This is the family group that asked me last night if I would take their photo at the fair.
They thought I was there on a professional basis
(easy mistake to make, I know, , , , ahem!)
I took the picture anyway and mailed it to them this morning, they were very pleased with it.
Me too.

(they're ok for me to show it off here)
5th Jul 2009, 20:20   comments (3)