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Out & About with Betty Grable!

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Made it to Crosby beach!
loads of pics but got to drive onto the boat to Dublin, right now.
More tomorrow!
3rd Aug 2009, 20:15   comments (18)

Playing footsie

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She struggled a bit but I is stronger!
1st Aug 2009, 20:46   comments (15)

She's alive! SHE'S ALIVE!!

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Betty Grable lives!

Got to grips with "our Betty" this afternoon:

Chain replaced.
Front (3) drive-cog-teeth-thing replaced, along with pedal-shanks.
Back (7) Shimano-multi-teeth-thing replaced.
Multo-complicado-little-in-&-out gear-change-thing (de-railer?) restored (dismantled, cleaned, little plastic wheels replaced with new'uns, greased, re-assembled).

Putting that (new) chain back together is a barrel of laughs too! the "de-railer" is spring-loaded and wants to chop your fingers off as you pin it down with one hand while pulling the two ends of the chain together with the other hand and left knee and then trying to clip that ridiculous split-link back in place with your nose!

Hey, took it out round the block just now and guess what? it only all bloody works!!

Chuffed, I is!

1st Aug 2009, 17:56   comments (7)

Cars know, you know.

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This is my old 15 year-old Fiesta.
Had it for six years, never, ever had a problem with it, never let me down.

I've bought a new car.
It'll arrive in three weeks.

"Christine" (as she is now known) all but conked-out on me 500meters from home last night and refused to start this morning.

They know, they feel, they don't want to be scrapped.
1st Aug 2009, 11:25   comments (7)

Be very aware!

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This company is crooked!
They have taken my cash and sent nothing, refusing to answer any kind of communication, three weeks of trying to get them to explain themselves has come to nought.
Gloves are off now, JXL's declaring cyber-war!
Project "drag David Steele through the mud" has just kicked off.
30th Jul 2009, 18:56   comments (31)

Working day & night

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You'll never guess where I am.
Or perhaps you might.
Norther than north, and the rain's stopped.

This (HDR'd) wall is right next to my door, the crane's sleeping, waiting to have a go at my trailer's contents first thing in the morning.

I was up at twenty past three this morning, time for bed said Zebedee.
29th Jul 2009, 21:44   comments (15)

Getting soooo sick of this

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Never thought I'd hear myself say this but; starting to look over the fence guys!

29th Jul 2009, 06:02   comments (68)

Lake Ballard, W.A.

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With many thanks to Spider52 for the loan of the piccy.

Who knew?
Antony Gormley has 51 statues in a salt lake near Menzies , 750km inland from Perth, Western Australia.
Since 2003! I had no idea!

I've been meaning to visit the statues on Crosby Beach but never managed it, it's a bit out of the way.

Tonight I'm booking flights, trains, hotels, hire-cars to go to Menzies WA.
I just HAVE to photograph these beauties as the sun sets there.
26th Jul 2009, 17:02   comments (13)