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Caine's inspired me to go out into the garden and get in close.
That Sigma 70-300 that I was so annoyed with has a macro switch which comes in useful for this kind of thing. Needs a tripo though, max f-stop 5.3 (at 300mm) so longer shutter speeds needed.

I was home last night! Late start this morning too (tnx Fritz) so out & about in the garden first thing in me pj's & slippers.
7th Aug 2009, 08:37   comments (2)


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Just to show you it's not all Pina-colada's and deck-quoits on-board these old freighters.
(well, not all the time)

This is a great little boat though, only ever about six of us on there, Russian lady makes Borscht Soup and we watched "The Titfield Thunderbolt" on DVD (1952).

I could live in that cabin! (as long as I had a big U-store somewhere for all my stuff).
6th Aug 2009, 22:12   comments (10)

Early morning mist, in Belgium this morning.

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Can anyone tell me what the meteorological circumstances need to be to create this low, ground-hugging, early morning mist?
It was there this morning as it got light in Zeebrugge but the location left a lot to be desired.
I'd like to go out to a more picturesque site when I can be sure that there will be such a mist.
What are the signs, the day/evening before that will help me score a low-mist first thing the next morning?
6th Aug 2009, 19:57   comments (5)

Good advice, x2

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6th Aug 2009, 16:42   comments (5)

There's been a horible, horible accident!!

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I overcooked my dinner in the microwave while this guy was changing the wheel!!
5th Aug 2009, 17:14   comments (10)

These things, sent to try us.

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The new, "low-profile" truck tyres!

Actually, don't carry a spare so forced to leave it be and wait for the tyre-guy.

Watford gap Services (south) will be my home for the next few hours.
5th Aug 2009, 15:37   comments (5)

Hang 'em high!

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The problem with taking yer bike along in the trailer is when you get a (more than) full load to pick up you might have to get a little "creative" as to where she's parked.
5th Aug 2009, 11:00   comments (9)

Another Place, Antony Gormley

What an amazing place!
These solid iron statues stretch as far as the eye can see on these sand-flats.
Virtually nobody there, a few dog-walkers and kite-flyers up nearer the dunes.
I was wondering why this big yellow Landrover was following me about, then I read that they don't like you to go further than 50metres out from the dunes. I got my feet wet in the Irish sea.
Glad to have made it here before we head downunder next month and visit Lake Ballard.
I'll come here again, when the light's better, looking East here, out to sea they get some fantastic sunsets.

One tip: should you ever find yourself lost in the Sahara, ditch the bike, they're rubbish in deep sand.