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Impressions of Lowry

The Lowry center, in Salford, is a facincting building.
The gallery was closed by the time we got there but you can still wander round the building, inside and out, something I actually find more interesting than Lowry's pictures themselves.
The colours, textures, curves, angles are just brilliant.
12th Aug 2009, 13:10   comments (19)

Girl on a train, and Annie in the Big city.

9th Aug 2009, 07:19   comments (7)

Impressions of Maastricht

From the Cement factory to the Red-tower of the Sint-Janskerk, the town hall
on Markt plein, It's all very nice round there, all very well looked after.
Not at all busy.
9th Aug 2009, 07:05   comments (0)

Clouds & Landscapes out the train window today

8th Aug 2009, 22:12   comments (1)

Heading home

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Following the train's route on Nokia maps.
Thing's very accurate.
Change at Utrecht for Armhem.
8th Aug 2009, 15:04   comments (3)


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Dragging all this camera gear halfway across the country and it's still fun just using the phone-cam, and playing around in the "edit".
8th Aug 2009, 10:41   comments (3)

Getting more out of life

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Today we're up & about dead early. We have one of those all-day-anywhere train tickets and we're going to Maastricht for the day.
Maastricht is about as far away as we can go in Holland (except Groningen maybe, the other way).
8th Aug 2009, 06:48   comments (7)

Colours of summer

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Taking my bike on the road with me this week is really paying-off!

Load delayed in Enschede this afternoon, pedalled off into town for an hour.
I was looking for colour-candidates for my course-work but I'd forgotten to take my "colour-wheel" with me and couldn't remember what was adjacent-to or opposite what. Just about given up and heading back to the industrial estate and I passed this public garden. It was full of butterflies & bees so I turned back and I got stuck-in there.

Fired-off these few in the laptop quickly, re-sized to Moblog dimensions, bluetoothed to the phone, sent.

I'm really really excited, there are about thirty or forty like this "in the can", pin-sharp, backlit, up close.
This was the D80 With the 18-135 kit-lens, I'd still got it set to iso800 (by mistake) but it doesn't seem to show, the faster shutter speed is more important, looks like.

Can't wait to get home, quite possibly the best set of (nature) pictures I've ever taken.
Well-chuffed I is.

A butterfly was fighting with a bee for a place on the flower!
7th Aug 2009, 13:50   comments (17)