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I'm a photographer not a terrorist!

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I've just come across the website "I'm a photographer not a terrorist."

It features some really useful stuff for the AmPho about town:

A bust card - similar to my "Photography in Public Places" wallet card though much more detailed and authoritative on the new anti terror legislation.

A useful map showing places where you can't take photos.

A Shop where you can buy "I'm a Photographer not a Terrorist" T Shirts. I wonder if you would get stopped less if you were wearing an "I'm a terrorist not a photographer" T shirt.

As they say on the site:

"We must work together now to stop this before photography becomes a part of history rather than a way of recording it"
18th Aug 2009, 19:24   comments (28)

The birds & the bees, without the birds

The sun paid us a visit yesterday afternoon!
Had a wander round the grounds of Joker-towers with the camera, there's a lot going on out there!
Anja's sunflowers are doing well.
17th Aug 2009, 08:18   comments (10)

Now THAT was good!

Anja went out and picked a couple of pounds of red grapes from the garden


Went really well with the Sweetcorn pancakes, the Sweetcorn icecream was
just YUM!

And the pasta dish went down well too.
16th Aug 2009, 19:04   comments (2)

Sunday morning Kitchen (2)

Vegetarian Pasta-bake!

(let's see if this can attract a couple of hungry teenagers over this way)


Check in the shed if your mushrooms have "produced"

Fry up some onions in olive oil, chop a Courgette, some red (bell) peppers
(some are from our garden, the others from a massive greenhouse-factory, can
you tell which is which?) a pot of that pasta-sauce, some (re-hydrated)
soya-mince and a pack of (short) cannelloni pasta.

Add the chopped Courgette to the onions and fry-on.

Add the chopped red peppers, mushrooms & mince and fry-on.

Pour in the pot of Nonna's tomato sauce (well, Homepride actually).

Stir in and then fill the sauce-jar full of water, shake with the lid on and
add to the mix (this will be absorbed by the (dry) pasta during cooking).

Fiddle all the Cannelloni tubes upright in the (oiled) oven dish.

Pour in the sauce-mix, filling all the little tubes, until just covered.

Make a béchamel-cheese sauce (I'll not insult your culinary intelligence by
going through it)

(fry some flour in butter for a couple of mins, off the heat add enough milk
to stir-up a thick, white sauce. Add great handful's of cheese, plenty of

(there, I just insulted your culinary intelligence, sorry)

Sprinkle over some herby-breadcrumbs and shove it in the oven till it's

Eet Smakelijk

(Nick & Mike, dinner's at six if you're around)
16th Aug 2009, 13:14   comments (13)

Sunday morning kitchen (1) Sweetcorn Ice-cream

Here you go then Wendle, Sweetcorn heaven!

180ml (whipped) cream and a splash of milk

Three egg-yolks

Packet of vanilla sugar (about a teaspoon)

100gr "White Basterd Sugar" ('s wot it says on the pack)

Cup of sweetcorn (tinned, rinsed off)

Whisk up the egg yolks, vanilla sugar & "White Basterd Sugar" into a frothy,
light yellow mix.

Add the whipped cream & milk, stir in.

Add the cup of Sweetcorn.

Pour into the ice-cream mixer-maker and let it run for about half an hour or
until it looks thick enough.

Transfer into a container, bung on the lid and shove it in the freezer.

Yes I did taste it & yes it was delish! Vanilla ice-cream with a hint of
sweetcorn and a hundred little surprises when you bite into a bit of corn.

Thoroughly recommend it.

16th Aug 2009, 12:27   comments (8)

As the mill turns . . .

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This is the oldest windmill of its kind in Holland. It's just around the corner from my house, and it's turning today!
15th Aug 2009, 15:12   comments (5)

My flars & me

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Just home, off the boat, back out on the train to Armhem.
This "tiger lilly" has just come out next to our front door, i'll get the Nikononit tomorrow.
My other "tiger-lilly" is just pleased to see me, which is nice.
15th Aug 2009, 11:41   comments (5)

Never again!

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That's the last time I'll order anything from the States.
Took an age for them to actually get round to sending it, then Dutch customs kept hold of it for almost two weeks and charged me an arm and a leg in import duties.
So what looks like a good deal at first turns into an expensive logistical dog's-dinner.
It's safely at home now (Anja went round and picked it up from the post office) will have some fun with it next week.
15th Aug 2009, 07:36   comments (7)