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"Inside Australia" (the movie)

(viewed 941 times)
Antony Gormley's mega-art installation on Lake Ballard, WA.
26th Sep 2009, 21:44   comments (8)


(viewed 1181 times)
This tiltshift thing is fantastic!!

26th Sep 2009, 18:39   comments (6)

For Filbert Fox

(viewed 1438 times)
Get well soon!
26th Sep 2009, 08:18   comments (5)

Same Circus, different tent.

(viewed 960 times)
Back at work a week now.
Got lots of photos sorted though.
Running out of space on the hard drive.
Got a 1/2 terrabyte external drive at home.
Stuck in traffic.
Getting paid to sit here.
25th Sep 2009, 09:14   comments (4)

Got me a noo car!

The Dacia Logan (we call him Jonny), not my pictures, it was still dark this morning when I left.
you've probably never heard of one before now, it's basically a Romanian Renault.
Masses of space, just about fits in our driveway. All the gadgets and twiddly bits you'll ever need.
Smells like a new car inside, unsuprisingly.
21st Sep 2009, 10:45   comments (6)

We're back!

(viewed 891 times)
Anja gets straight back into working off those Auzzie pounds.
I'm back at work.
Thanks to all who followed us Down Under and thanks for all your comments. I'll finish up the photo's of the end of the trip asap.
Now to catch up on what you guys have been up to while I've been away.
21st Sep 2009, 05:31   comments (10)

Hobo-drops on my desktop

(viewed 1052 times)
Cheers Hobo! Looks great!
1st Sep 2009, 15:03   comments (9)

Same circus, different tent

(viewed 1362 times)
About the same time as last week, the night's are drawing in.

Different camera (N96 camphone)
different boat (P&O;)
different view (Rotterdam)
same sun, wherever you are.
31st Aug 2009, 20:25   comments (9)