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Once upon a time, a girl named Silar had a DailyMe project. She failed at that project, and it languished in unupdated hell for a long time. Then she got involved in Second life and used that moblog to post snapshots from there. THE END. My main moblog

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Finally had to admit it...

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I needed to get reading glasses for doing close/detailed work with my contacts in.

Flossing as promised!

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The little contraption I'm holding is called a Hummingbird, made by Oral-B. One of the members of the church I work for is a dental hygienist and dental educator, she suggested it. She says it's not quite as good as manual flossing, but for people with the kind of issues I have it's the next best thing.

Also, Tom's Of Maine Natural Care orange-mango tooth gel is 100% made of all natural WIN, ok. I find the vast majority of toothpastes to be strong enough to make my eyes water, but this stuff is a nice mild orange with just a bare hint of mint.


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Feeling a bit caged

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Went and spent a few hours helping Don and one of his fellow electricians rewire the new house after work. I didn't want to leave, and I sure as hell don't want to be here any more.

24 days, 15.5 hours. Not that I'm counting. Much.

Cookin'. Stir-fry.

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Specific: Keilbasa stir fry. Bit weird, I know, but we like it...except I have no idea how this one will be, as half the stuff I usually use I'm out of and didn't realize. Must speak with Don about using last bits of things and not writing it down.

Also, first time in a week I've had the energy to cook, and he gets called back into work. Not pleased. :(.

Fave hoodie 2.0 red version

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Found a red version of the favorite purple hoodie from a few posts ago. Had to have it. :)

I've also come to the conclusion that, at least until we move, this DailyMe is likely to be more of a WeekdailyMe, because my weekends are *booked*, you know?

I can has a SCARF!!!

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A Colour And Weave original, no less! :D And the timing is dead
perfect, I'm going to a show tonight. Black lace top (with black
silk tank under), dark blue jeans, black boots and the most fantastic
scarf EVER.


And yes Geo, that's one really well traveled envelope! :) :) :)

Stingray pendant. 17Jan2008

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Don and I went on a cruise a few years back, and one of the best
times I've ever had is when we took an excursion off Grand Cayman and
went swimming with stingrays. I've been looking everywhere for a
stingray pendant since, and thanks to onceupon linking to OctopusMe I finally found
one! Don bought me a sterling silver chain to go with it for
Christmas, and I've been wearing it just about every day since then.
I absolutely adore this thing.