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Once upon a time, a girl named Silar had a DailyMe project. She failed at that project, and it languished in unupdated hell for a long time. Then she got involved in Second life and used that moblog to post snapshots from there. THE END. My main moblog

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Four....I hope!

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Four more days to moving day....unless my bloody mother-in-law's
lawyer's raging mental incompetence has thrown a massive fly in the
ointment, which we found out today has a high likelihood. If the
closing gets postponed I am going to have a meltdown, and Don's going
to meltdown right along with me. It's going to be ugly.


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Bedroom of new house. You can see the awful carpet tiles there, as seen at my main blog here. This was taken in the mirror of my gorgeous dresser - we've inherited a beautiful hardwood cherry (no veneers or laminates here) bedroom set along with the house. You can see the headboard there behind me. Our bedframe and mattress/boxspring will fit it - once we figure out how to get them up to the bedroom! They may not be able to go up the stairs. Over the porch and in a removed window might have to be the way.

Six! Six more days! Mwahahaha!

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Countdown is on!

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Kitchen, No. 2

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Another me in new kitchen pic, where you can see the almost-as-
hideous wallpaper and completely non-matching border. Place hasn't
been redecorated in 30 years. Wait until I show you the carpet

Me in new house, No. 1

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First in a series. This is me in the kitchen last night. We've
started bringing stuff over to get it out of our way here, we
officially move on Feb 16. The "brick" behind me is the most hideous
wall covering ever invented - faux vinyl brick. It is not long for
this world, I'll tell you what. It's also in the bathroom, only
there it's painted, which is worse.

Oh, and yes, my coat is in fact bright enough to suck your retinas
off the back of your eyeballs, with reflective stripes. It's warm
and waterproof and much safer to walk the dogs at night in, which is
the point.

Busted :(

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New bluetooth headset. I'm about 95% sure it's got a defective battery - when plugged in to charge, it flashes a very dim green (supposed to be a steady light), and when unplugged, I got bupkis. So, shipping it back to Motorola and they'll send me a new one.


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with bonus serious hat head. Just got home from work. Normal 45 minute commute took an hour and a half due to there being an ice storm happening just now. I'd never have gone in but for 2 deadlines today. I think nap now, yes indeed.