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Once upon a time, a girl named Silar had a DailyMe project. She failed at that project, and it languished in unupdated hell for a long time. Then she got involved in Second life and used that moblog to post snapshots from there. THE END. My main moblog

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Winter boots no more, walked through puddle today and got wet feet :(

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Necessary distraction.

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I needed something to focus on that's not fraught with family, house, or work drama. Something more challenging than most of my other DS games. Chess seemed a likely candidate.

Now that life is within a country mile of sane...

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3rd Mar 2008, 20:13   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Can has short hair!

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Gruntles. Lost. Wrong headset shipped. :(

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Waving to all from new house, still no internet here.

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Two come what may!

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We've made a command decision. Whether the closing happens Saturday or not, we're moving. It looks like it's most lilely pushed back to Tuesday, and that's just not workable for a moving day.

Three...still hoping

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Three more days. Maybe. Still not sure, still ready to go slap
someone's head right off of their neck if the closing gets
postponed. Took this one last night when I was so stressed out I
wasn't sure if it was 3 days or 4.