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Ptolemy on the window sill

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Ptolemy prefers our window sill to his own when it is sunny. He can keep warm and has a good view of the bird feeder (which he can't reach I hasten to say). We are pleased to see him as he is such a beautiful cat to watch.
19th Jan 2009, 13:01   | tags:comments (4)

Going home

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Star has gone home. I would say and now the cats can relax again, but last time I went next door they were all sitting together unconcerned and quite relaxed thank you!
16th Jan 2009, 16:30   | tags:,comments (1)

Woops 3

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There is a bend in the main road but some people just don't see it.
16th Jan 2009, 16:08   comments (2)

August - Osage County

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Went to see this at the Lyttleton on the South Bank on Sunday. It was performed by the original Chicago cast. I didn't know what to expect. It was brilliant - both funny and tragic. They had the audience in thrall all the way through. Photography was forbidden in the theatre of course, so I took a pic of the audience having a refreshment break in the interval! Then I popped out and took a couple of river pictures.

Sunrise and frost

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I wasn't the only person to enjoy this sunrise but that won't stop me including my efforts. You can't have too many sunrises is my thinking.
12th Jan 2009, 11:30   | tags:,comments (10)

Miracle? Or friend?

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Continued from Woops 2 (below). We looked out of the window yesterday morning and found the bird feeder standing up again. It turned out to be a nearby friend walking by had seen the problem we had with the feeder and had put a rescue operation in hand early in the morning. What a lovely surprise and relief to both us and the birds!
9th Jan 2009, 12:16   comments (4)


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The neighbours' cats have a young visitor holidaying with them for two weeks. Star is being knocked into shape by the cats and seems to have learnt her place satisfactorily.
5th Jan 2009, 22:11   | tags:,comments (5)

Woops 2

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Heavy bird?
High wind?
Just worn out?
5th Jan 2009, 13:24   comments (7)