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Happy Steph & James?
*rolls eyes* :P



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Shelves 2

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Here is a close-up of the models i've got on my shelf.
From top left to bottom right:

Gundam wing Endless Waltz special edition Gundam "Deathscythe Hell Custom"(1/144 scale) (alas this model is slightly broken :( he was my first one aswell!)

Gundam wing Endless Waltz special edition Gundam "Heavy Arms Custom"(1/144 scale)

Warhammer 40, 000 Tau Empire Devil Fish tank(half finished painting my me)

Gundam wing Endless Waltz special edition Gundam "Wing Zero Custom"(1/100 scale) with small "heero yui" model underneath

a model of tree beard from lord of the rings(also hand painted by myself!)

and lastly Gundam wing Endless Waltz special edition Gundam "Sandrock Custom"(1/144 scale)

all models assembled by myself

and if your still reading this far along congratulations!
19th Oct 2007, 01:56   comments (3)

Shelves 1

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Here is a picture of my new shelves all put up and loaded with stuff!
I know that the top ones are not level, blame the fact we did it late at night and our spirit level didn't work on it's side correctly!
We will get it sorted soonish...maybe....
19th Oct 2007, 01:44   comments (2)

Epic loot!

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This beauty was found amongst the pile of clothes at the end of the bed! Man I love that shirt, I even wore it to my cousins wedding when I was quite a lot younger!
15th Oct 2007, 01:17   comments (2)

The Great Mess

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Not sure how long that tidy-up job will take me...
13th Oct 2007, 22:30   comments (0)

New Room 3

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And the bed!
5th Oct 2007, 05:40   comments (3)

New Room 2

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This is the wall where my cupboards are going to go over the next few days!
4th Oct 2007, 18:53   comments (1)

New Room 1

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Finally! it's near completion! it's got the main things, computer, games console, sky box!

I must say I do LOVE the look of that!
4th Oct 2007, 01:04   comments (0)

Muse at Wembely 17/06/2007

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What a night! The gig was amazing, the light show was spectacular! The supports, Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance, were both good, Biffy were REALLY good, and MCR were actually kind of disapointing but that was largely to do with the sound. All in all it was a great night out, worth getting back home at half 2 in the morning for!
19th Jun 2007, 00:00   comments (2)
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