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Scraps of Liverpool

1. The Sentinel stands watch
2. Scraps of Liverpool: Liver Birds
3. Scraps of Liverpool: The Docks
4. Marshmallow Shoe Fungi
5. Cat in the Cuckfield
6. Hand Signals
7. Scraps of Liverpool: Sacred Cow
8. Plastic Mushroom Dummy

By Winter Light

1. Guard Dog
2. Tree in reflection
3&4. Christmas car lights
5. Ghost of Christmas present
6. Streets look bathed in gold
7. Metallic snowflake

Waiting For Snowfall

1. Glittering Carousel
2. Carousel Horses
3. Lost penguin glove
4. Reflection scene in the Cuckfields
5. If at first you don't succeed...
6. Detail of xmas tree, 'Rudolph is that you?'
7. Dummy Jellyfish
8. Bat-brella

Strange Gods

1) Strange Gods in East London
2) Roadkill Glove
3) Still Life in Skip
4) Fungi spores that killed my Eucalyptus Tree
5) More Strange Gods
6) D.Face sculpture in Truman Brewery
7) Shadow of the Black Dog

Making Connections

1. Sad eyed glasses staring at me
2. Flower left on Underground
3. Everything is for sale these days
4. Raw wires making connections
5. Tie snake
6. A horse-headed man making music
7. Bike in the undergrowth
8. Lost sole worn thin.

Where Melancoly Wild Berries Grow

1) A house, not a home
2) A door of rusted wood
3) Wild Berries 1
4) Wild Berries 2
5) Flowers forlorn on a bench
6) Graveyard headstone
7) Wild Berries 3

Beware of Bears

1) Discarded bear skin robe
2) Apple core left living in the street
3) Hooded top lurking like a spectre
4) Rabbit
5) Abandoned chairs, dethroned
6) Reminiscence

Like A Seed

1) Toy duck lost in Epping
2) Deflated ball like a seed
3) Poster on tube, part of Art piece
4) 'The eyes have it' at Lovebox festival
5) Udderbelly inflatable cow tent
6) Lost Purse on railings in Epping