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The 411
Name: Helga G. Pataki
Nickname(s): Helgz
Breed: English Lop
Year of Birth: 2006
Marital Status: Long term Boyfriend (Oscar)
Personality: I'm very playful and affectionate.
Likes: Going for walks, getting treats, playtime
Dislikes: When playtime is over
People Always Say: I'm a real Lady & a Diva
Best Features: My big bright eyes and I think my nose is cute
Worst Features: Worst? Me? hahahahaha

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Mama went to Pets @ home and bought back all these yummy treats!!
She bought our usual Junior/Dwarf and Growing Rabbits Food and some lovely treats! These Stick Treats are from the Excel range from Burgess, Nettle and Dandelion!! They are Delicious!! She also got more of that Timothy Hay (it has herbs in it as well, Dandelion & Marigold)!

Oh, we went to the Vet on Thursday, she said we are not allowed any more Rich Tea Biscuits! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Oh! I almost forgot! My hairs growing back on my tum tum now, slowly but surely! The Vet said that we are healing from our operation very well!
17th Dec 2006, 21:20   comments (0)

Biscuits! - Thanks Kyoob

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Mama finally gave in and allowed us to have one of those yummy biscuits
she's always eating. Mmmmm Rich Tea...
1. Oscar with crumbs all over his face
2. Yummy Yum Yum...Me munchin' the biscuit
3. Oscar eating a biscuit
11th Dec 2006, 20:04   comments (0)

Oh, Hello

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I love this picture. I don't know what I love about it in particular, but I
love it all the same. I like the way it just caught one eye.
9th Dec 2006, 17:55   comments (0)


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Ha Ha, I remember this picture. Mama fed me and Oscar but I was still hungry
(because Oscar took all the food) and I spotted this bag of luscious hay and
I just couldn't resist. Mama came downstairs and found I had broken into the
bag and she laughed and took a few pictures. Mama's so kind, she never gets
mad, even when I break things and everything.
9th Dec 2006, 17:45   comments (0)


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This isn't a recent picture, it was taken a couple of weeks back. I didn't
know Mama was taking my picture I was just curious as to what was going on and
what was in Mama's hand (now I know it was a camera)...
9th Dec 2006, 17:39   comments (0)

My Friend

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This is me and my friend Monkey. He's very cuddly and cute too! He doesn't
do much but when I just want to relax he's perfect company!
6th Dec 2006, 20:41   comments (7)


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This is me at dinner time, I was really hungry and when Mama came with the
food I got so excited, I love this food, it's soooo yummy. Whenever Mama comes
and I hear the noise of the bag me and Oscar chase her and she laughs and
puts food on her hand for us to eat and has to use both hands, one for me and
another for Oskie.
6th Dec 2006, 20:39   comments (0)


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Mama caught me and Oscar diggin' and chewin' the carpet! We even got through
to the floorboards! Mama said we were naughty but she laughed as well, I'm a
bit confused so I have left it alone, for now...
6th Dec 2006, 20:35   comments (1)