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The excitement of IT work!

(viewed 1127 times)
Watch in amazement as a blue bar takes 2 whole hours to cross a screen! Enjoy the edge of your seat thrills of doing sweet FA for hours at a time as you try to preserve whats left of your sanity from the mind crushing boredom! I can`t check over what I`ve just written on this silly phone! Is it all Gibberish!?!
29th Aug 2008, 11:57   comments (1)

Strap on my work bag.

(viewed 1193 times)
Need more pin badges :)
29th Aug 2008, 11:41   comments (0)

Reading sunset.

(viewed 1404 times)
21st Aug 2008, 20:12   comments (4)


(viewed 1213 times)
14th Aug 2008, 08:21   comments (0)

A price paid... in blood.

(viewed 1173 times)
Just install my new graphics card procured from work and... I guess there is always a price to be paid. :)
12th Aug 2008, 16:53   comments (2)

Coffee Gradients.

(viewed 1323 times)
7th Aug 2008, 13:08   comments (1)

Footware to storm embassies and airplanes in.

(viewed 1270 times)
Adidas trainers/boots designed with and for use by the GSG9. Read about them in William Gibson`s Spook Country and had to get a pair (despite the price).
7th Aug 2008, 12:55   comments (1)

Ike Turner`s Fists of Fury.

(viewed 1240 times)
Dunno if the band is any good but they have a great name :)
7th Aug 2008, 12:51   comments (2)