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My thoughts, views, and observations Me? I'm a computer geek, aspiring writer, and a returning student.

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It may be hard to tell, but this is the legendary Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. I saw it a couple weeks ago on the way to work. It had 'Happy Holidays' painted on the side and a wreath attached to the front. It's not everyday you see a giant wiener driving on the highway. Oh wait, I live in New Jersey.
11th Jan 2006, 15:56   comments (1)

Black Hole Sun

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I thought I was in a Soundgarden video when I took this. I half expected
to turn around and see Chris Cornell behind me, his eyes getting bigger
and bigger. Not sure why the sun turned out black, but it looked really
3rd Oct 2005, 20:06   comments (2)


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Love my new gift! Thank you! :)
3rd Oct 2005, 20:01   comments (5)


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Here's a couple shots of the stairs I have to walk when I go to school a
few nights a week: one from the bottom and one from the top. Walking
them is good exercise, but in 90+ degree heat (that's 32+ Celsius) I'm
melted by the time I get to the top. The classroom was humid, too, so I
took my midterm feeling like I went into a sauna fully clothed.
26th Jul 2005, 14:32   comments (0)

Not quite 'American Choppers'...

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I know the pic isn't that good, but I saw these chopper-style bikes
sticking out of the back of a pickup on the highway. They're actually
trikes, one painted day-glo green and the other day-glo orange. I
thought they looked awesome and fun to ride. If I could have pulled up
next to him at a light, I'd have asked what they were all about.
Curiosity is killing me.
21st Jul 2005, 18:57   comments (2)

Super-Scythe Me!

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The Grim Reaper says "Happy Thursday!"
14th Jul 2005, 14:44   comments (8)


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This little cricket jumped out of my computer bag when I opened it last
night. How he got in there, I have no clue. Funny that he landed right
on that target, huh? No, I didn't squish him. If it were a spider, it
would have been clobberin' time. I was going to take him outside, but he
pulled some kind of ninjitsu maneuver and escaped.
7th Jul 2005, 21:21   comments (0)


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The only bad thing about my desk at work is the hypnotic, "Do not adjust
your television set" wallpaper I have to look at. I'm going to get a big
dry-erase board to put up before the buzzing drives me insane.
Wait...the wallpaper isn't buzzing? Oh, that's just my eyes vibrating in
my skull. Nevermind.
6th Jul 2005, 20:54   comments (6)
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